Apr 27, We meet in late March, in London, where Halevy is promoting his first book, Man in the Shadows. In a quietly classy, old-fashioned hotel. Efraim Halevy is a lawyer and an Israeli intelligence expert. He was the ninth director of In he published the book Man in the Shadows, covering Middle Eastern history since the late s. Halevy was interviewed about his book on. Efraim Halevy, the former head of the Mossad (), who was born in London in , dedicated forty years of his life to that organization. Halevy defined.

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Efraim Halevy

So often friends bring friends. Halevy served as the envoy and confidant of five Prime Ministers: In Augusthe resigned from this position [2] after Dov Weissglassthe bureau chief of Prime Minister Ariel Sharongot too much power and he believed the Roadmap for peace was not favourable for Israel, [1] and Prime Minister Efrain refrained from accepting his recommendations on a host of issues, and went to teach at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He points out that there were cases, or Mossad’s policies, galevy were challenged by the Israeli political establishment.

The only reaction to these sophisticated terrorists is an aggressive, not preventative, war against them!

Actually, the shoe is on the other foot. Instead of pouring scorn upon the settlers, those people who encouraged them should go to the settlements and hold dialogues. In doing so, he tore his Likud party apart, forming the new Kadima party that has just broken Israel’s two-party mould. So, might Israel still bomb Hamas leaders? The USA is the victim and target of this threat.

He is a very analytical person who knows how to draw conclusions from the international, modern stage. Efraim Halevy, the former head of the Mossadwho was born in London indedicated forty years of his life to that organization. There is a lot of room for manoeuvre between the two. Inhe began his work in the Mossad. Efrajm goal is to destroy territory, meaning Israel.

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Man in the shadows: an interview with Efraim Halevy | openDemocracy

Moreover, Hamas has a broader role to play within the Muslim world. Announced in earlythe agreement to stop fighting is strictly unilateral. Hamas could be a potential competitor to al-Qaida. It’s not clear what timeframe he envisages for Hamas to rein in other militias. Hallevy contribution to Israel’s well-being is long.

View the discussion thread. You cannot sit at the table if you have no table manners. Views Read Edit View history. New firearms regulations and police use of lethal force in Argentina. He argues that power may change Halecy because Hamas has something to lose. The group originated as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhoodan Egyptian-born movement that has spread internationally, though its branches focus on a nationalist agenda in contrast to the pan-Islamic revolutionary aims of al-Qaida-style organisations.

But the true interests of the state and the Mossad demanded that I act otherwise. Halevy calls for reform: One shxdows see that Halevy has a huge experience in intelligence and diplomatic subjects.

Halevy does not discuss the issue of the Mossad as the defender of the world Jewry. Sections openDemocracy Free thinking for the world. He believes that Israel should take up Hamas’s offer of a long-term truce and try negotiating, because the Islamic movement is respected by Palestinians and generally keeps its word, he said.

But as Halevy says, it’s always worth thinking the unthinkable, “for it is usually the unthinkable that ends up happening”.

It has its own welfare state. Only five of the eighteen chapters in his book deal with his time as head of Mossad.


Halevy claims that Shimon Peres sadows not an admirer of the Mossad. Al-Qaida efrxim not wedded to territory at all. Having worked as the secret envoy of five Israeli prime ministers, he speaks particularly positively of the hawks Yitzhak Shamir and Benjamin Netanyahu. He was also a reformer inside the Mossad: He said ‘absolutely not’.

Efraim Halevy – Wikipedia

Man in the shadows: What does Hamas need to do? He has little time for human rights activists in a global “war on terror'” that he sees as “World War Three”.

The now passive prevented strategy-method against this terrorism would save the world. The Last Chance for Peace? Often he exposes mistakes, gaps, and confrontations, as well.

The book deals with problems of this period, such as the Oslo Agreement or the Israeli-Jordanian peace agreement. In Marchhe became the director of Mossad following the resignation of Ths Yatom. It was a failure.

What does he think the prospects are for engaging with Hamas? InI said to [then-prime minister Ariel] Sharon that we should leave Gaza. This is the responsibility of a sovereign government, and if they do not shoulder this, their sovereignty need not be respected. Efraim Halevy was head of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service, from to The rest tell of his time working for the prime ministers, especially in negotiating Israel’s peace with Jordan, and of his ideas for dealing with “international Muslim fundamentalist terror”.

Man in the Shadows: