Notice: These pages are no longer maintained and/or contain outdated information – Please refer to the official upstream LTSP-Wiki for current. Official Ubuntu Documentation Site. Application Documentation. Gnome Documentation Library LTSP Documentation. LTSP Manual ยท Manual page for Introduction. LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project. It allows you to set up a diskless workstation environment with not much effort. The Edubuntu DVD ships .

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One thing to remember is that if you enable folder redirection, those folders are automatically added to the synchronised folders list.

Editing Windows registry You can edit the registry of the local computer, and documentarion this registry key to other computers Start the Registry Editor. Microsoft Windows users can connect to the thin client server running xrdp without installing additional software – they simply start a Remote Desktop Connection on their Windows machine and connect. One can also add host specific entries in LDAP.

Screenshots What’s included in Edubuntu? ESD and PulseAudio support networked audio and are used to pass audio from the server to the clients. Development Developer page, place to store developer related information, like design specifications and blueprints. If all LTSP client machines support the processor architecture the linux-image package could be installed in the chroot. Explaining the syntax of the file goes beyond the scope of this tutorial, but it is explained on the LTSP wiki and in the lts.

Save the file and you can double click it, or add it to a script to spread it to other machines. To have ltspserver00 serve diskless workstations on the main If you do not want this, you should disable it via one of the following routes: Diskless workstations are an excellent way of reusing older but powerful hardware with the same low maintenance cost as with thin clients.



Search for a line reading dhcpStatements: As an alternative, you could use ldapvisearch for ‘next server tjener’ and replace tjener with ltspserver If there is never any intention to do any maintenance on the chroot again, you can even unmerge gcc this way.

The lhsp and ltsp-chroot programs asume the portage package and distfiles dirs are at Gentoo defaults when they bind mount it into the chroot. There is also the option to use Quickstart as a possible installer for ltsp-build-client instead of the kicktoo default. Because Dracut’s named export function isn’t bugfree yet, export names can’t end with a number like amd All clients get their image from the same server, which causes high loads on the server if many clients are booted at the same time.

Students can log into any Raspberry Pi in the classroom. Don’t forget to add a window manager, ltsp-client won’t log in if no window manager is installed on the server.

First, create an nbd-server initscript. All the documentation written in markdown can be found in the Github repository. Some things still need to be done after building the environment.

LTSP Live Howto

The above protects initial login, but all activities after that use unencrypted networked X. Some admins are lurking in ltspweb freenodeso if you have some questions and remarks, don’t hesitate to drop by. Depending on how much data is stored in the profile, this could take some time.


The directories are internationalised and must be written in your own language the way they are in the profile. Passwords except the initial one will travel in cleartext over the network, as well as anything else.

We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. This documentatikn is responsible for building the entire chroot environment. For each architecture the first build takes up the most time because binary lfsp are created from source in the first run. documetnation

Documentation | Edubuntu

The ltsp-server package amongst others ships a command called ltsp-build-client. Changing to these subnets will require manual editing of configuration files to remove duplicate entries.

The Ubuntu project encourages and welcomes participation of women in the project. Upgrading the LTSP environment It is useful to upgrade the LTSP environment with new packages fairly often, to make sure security fixes and improvements are made available.

These can be found in the External resources section below. An alternative client package is rdesktop. For instance, an entire client chroot environment is built with documenttation single command: Global policies for roaming profiles By using the legacy Windows policy editor poledit.