Esta página en español: Los Aforismos. 1. Like what “it” does not like. 2. The highest that a man can attain is to be able to do. 3. The worse the conditions of life. Toast To The Idiots. The most complete list possible of Gurdjieff’s Order of Idiots , with thanks to Marcia Paul. Gurdjieff’s Aphorisms · Aforismos de Gurdjieff Gurdjieff: Los Cinco Esfuerzos Eserales (Five Obligatory Strivings) esp-eng. Debo decir que nunca pretendí decir ni dije que los ejercicios fueran del señor Gurdjieff. Lo que hice fue tomar los aforismos que escribió el señor Gurdjieff y.

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Gurdjieff Quotes

Among the idiots are:. Present at his dinners in the last year of his life, she has a deep experience with his toasting to 21 different idiots; “The Science of Idiots,” he calls it.

Here there are neither Russians nor English, Jews nor Christians, but only those who pursue one aim—to be able to aforisjos. Having attained 17 [category is not named], to go on, the individual had to voluntarily descend to 1, that of the ordinary idiot. Remember that here work is not for work’s sake but is only a means. Gurdjieff index Site map Site root.

Objective knowledge, the idea of unity included, belongs to objective consciousness. Suddenly, Gurdjieff spoke to her: But then she won’t be able to be here. But for subjective consciousness the world is split up into millions of separate and unconnected phenomena.


Man’s name is legion. The chief means of happiness in this life is the ability to consider externally always, internally never.

The subsequent order of idiots nowhere reliably published is believed to be: For without this knowledge, he will have no focal point in his search. It is better to be temporarily an egoist then never to be just. Hope, with doubt, is cowardice. Gurdjieff – A biography. If you have aforismoa by nature a critical mind your staying here is useless.

Frases de George Gurdjieff (70 citas) | Frases de famosos

God is not offended either. Like what “it” does not like. Emotional faith is slavery. These representatives of the devil stand unceasingly at the threshold which separates us from the outside, and prevent not only pos but also bad external influences from entering.

A true sign of a good man is if he loves his father and mother. One of the best means for arousing the wish to work on yourself is to realize that you may die at any moment. As I have said, there are many enemies. Sitting in Gurdjieff’s aforismoa room she recounts, for example, how when the toast came to all Compassionate Idiots, he suddenly asked her, “You, Blonde there—natural or not I never know—are you Compassionate Idiot?

Views from the Real World

Judge others by yourself and you will rarely be mistaken. Just now it was a thought, now it is a desire, now a sensation, now another thought, and so on, endlessly. But there are, instead, hundreds and thousands of separate small “I”s, very often entirely unknown to one another, never coming into contact, or, afkrismos the contrary, hostile to each other, mutually exclusive and incompatible. B being so, to those in illusion, such a one behaves like afoismos idiot.


We can only strive to be able to be Christians.

Only he who can take care of what belongs to others may have his own. Man is a plurality. If a man reasons and thinks soundly, no matter which path he follows in solving these problems, he must inevitably arrive back at himself, and begin with the solution of the problem of what he is himself and what his place is in the world around him.

Inner influences prevent a man from falling under external influences. Personally I would advise you to try freeing yourselves and to do so without unnecessary theorizing, by simple reasoning, active reasoning, within yourselves. And each time his I is different. Don’t judge a man gurdijeff the tales of others. Mechanical faith is foolishness. De vidade hombres. By teaching others you will learn yourself.

But it cannot be attained without the first liberation, a lesser liberation. De amorde hombres. For this there are many methods, and gurdiieff great number of means.