It is a retelling of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast set in modern-day New York City from the view of the beast. Flinn researched many. Beastly is a novel by Alex Flinn. It is a retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast set in modern-day New York City from the view of the beast. Flinn. Fera – Beastly (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Alex Flinn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. O livro de Alex Flinn e uma adaptacao moderna do .

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Beastly – Alex Flinn – Google Libros

They way teenagers can feel that they don’t measure up to certain standards. That was very frustrating to be honest.

Maybe I cared a little about Emma but honestly, I felt no sympathy for their sob story. I heard a few good reviews about it. Burn me at the stake?


She gave no effort whatsoever in trying to reclaim her life. The only way he can turn back to normal is if he truly loves a girl and gets her to love him in return, proving the love with a kiss.

However, there are a few interesting points, like the online chat-room between different classic transformed creatures. However it was postponed until March 4, due to competitive concerns from other films released on that flknn and late summer in general. Hardcoverpages. It is a retelling of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast set in modern-day New York City from the view of the beast. My family moved to Miami when I was in middle school. In my mind, I am still years-old, running laps on the athletic field, wearing this really baggy white gymsuit.


Beastly: Lindy’s Diary by Alex Flinn

We never really find out anything except his parents are getting a divorce. Aelx there were problems. She keeps the drama and intrigue high and constantly challenges the reader in this twist on Beauty and the Beast ” [6]. I was disappointed but it’s okay.

Nov 05, Loretta rated it it was amazing. Way better than you expect, and very real flinn emotion and inter-person relationships.

When I picked this up, I was hoping it wouldn’t suck. Kyle has to reevaluate everything he thought to be right and worth following before: So I try to write books that gymsuit girl might enjoy.

I think I write for young-adults because I never quite got over being one.

She was so happy with him, and it was only her fear of entrapement that kept her on the same spot. This lbro was absolutely stunning. His only company is his housekeeper, Magda, and, at his request, a blind tutor named Will.


The plot is filled with unexpected twists and funny events and is just a joy to read. Also, I feel that libfo author could have left out the epilogue.

I love how she always does things f,inn good, but she’s sarcastic and magical. Kyle is an asshat and Kendra curses him to live as a beast until he finds someone to love him. Independence takes a back burner. It’s the usual Flinn writing. I thought this was a lubro important topic, as 27 percent of teenage girls surveyed have been hit by a boyfriend. Trauma, such the one she suffered, sometimes render oneself unable to freely express such feelings.

There were some new scenes with Kyle but really it just felt the same. Beastoy tale continues in the present day with Celine, Violet’s stepdaughter, who is more beautiful than she and the object of Violet’s envy and wrath. Lindy may be the “Beauty” figure in the story but she is not stunningly beautiful. It follows the love affair between Kendra and a wizard named James, whom she met in Salem.