Oct 15, Selected Psalm Antiphons for Lent. Lenten Psalmody. massofstrita; 7 videos; 54 views Responsorial Psalm ○ Create A Clean Heart (Lent). LENT. Ash- Wednesday. Moax. Ps. li. Part 1. Introit, Ps. 6. Before Serm. Hy. — Ev. Ps. Part 2. First Sund. in Lem. Mont. Ps. (Gen. xix. 12, ). p=2-#EE: * – #= === —ble aćts, ačis; praise him ac-—cord—ing to his r 2.,- –~ – —f- • ———é—. ——to aús, – aas. ex-cel-lent great-ness, his ex—cel–lent .

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Take it with you. The Lord whom the virgins hasten to meet is the Crucified Christ, who redeemed us by his death. Player FM might just be it.

Psalmody during Lent

Like the Psalms, as Old Testament poetry, the Gregorian compositions have at their disposal a psalmofy range of artistic and expressive potentialities; they can do justice to pslmody most diverse feelings and sensitivities: In the eleventh century, we find manuscripts the notation of which documents the exact melodic line through precise graphic positioning of signs, through the use of lines or of a lettering system that indicates pitch.

;salmody, the Devil tempted Jesus to show off his divinity by casting himself down from the parapet of the temple, deceitfully quoting Psalm In the ninth and tenth centuries we find the first Gregorian music written down, representing the earliest examples of musical notation in the West. So easy to find shows to follow. The composer thus interprets the joy of Jerusalem in an Easter perspective, allowing an anticipated echo of the Resurrection joy to sound through already with the first sung word of the Fourth Sunday of Lent.

And wherever in the Gregorian repertoire God is spoken of in an intensely personal way laetabor et exsultabo in te; in te confido; Deus meus psalmdy meusetc.

Thus far three concrete examples of a Gregorian interpretation of Holy Scripture, of a Gregorian theology, which, in its principles and in its spirituality clearly takes its lead from the exegesis of the Fathers of the Church. During Lent, the Tract replaces the Alleluia sung in most other seasons, as if reflecting the start of the season of fasting pxalmody a llent of musical fast. In recent years Gregorian chant has experienced a revival, not only as a form of liturgical music psalmoddy various Christian denominations, but also as a cultural asset of the West in the realms of music and spirituality.


As early as the fourth century AD we find evidence for the antiphonal singing of psalms alternating between two choirs and for responsorial singing between a precentor and a schola.

The Holy Annual Psalmody

The Gregorian theologian and composer makes this concrete Christological statement through his conscious melodic citation. The personal, interior relationship to God, which in a special way is the basis of monastic life, psalmoddy leaves its stamp on Gregorian spirituality and theology.

In large measure, this is due to the position held by Gregorian chant at the beginning of Western music history, as well as to its high artistic quality. The sound bodies given to the biblical texts stem from this contemplative spirituality. What if radio played only the shows you let about, when you want?

In their present form, the great majority of the chants originated in the course of the standardization of the liturgy that took place under Carolingian rule in the eighth and ninth centuries, from the convergence of two previously independent traditions: With the help of the indications preserved in the pzalmody, its goal has been to revive the Gregorian melodies in their pszlmody possible authenticity and in their original artistic and religious expressivity.

Gregorian Chant today In recent years Gregorian chant has experienced a revival, not only as a form of liturgical music in various Christian denominations, but also as a cultural asset of the West in the realms of music and spirituality.

The Sunday which heads the Lenten season takes its theme from the paradigm of all Christian fasting: Each Lenten Tract offers us a point of recollection in the liturgy, a meditative pause to prepare to hear the day’s Gospel.


These neumes supply no more than a relative key to the melodic line. Manage episode series Programmer gives this ppsalmody a lot of love and attention and it shows.


Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. That is, the successive verses of the psalm are sung one after the other, without a refrain. Jesus’ forty days in the desert. The choir divides, singing the verses antiphonally. Rarely are Mass Propers so unified.


Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now. This Tract is set as direct psalmody.

Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Download the MP3 for personal use. Developers constantly update and improve. This verse carries such a powerful association with the temptation that all the Propers of the Mass for this Sunday are based on the Psalm pswlmody contains it.

On the First Sunday in Lent, however, the long Tract serves as an intense introduction not just to the Gospel of the day, but to the entire Lenten season, propelling us toward God our Refuge, our Protector, and our triumphant Savior.

Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

The composers often were monks, formed by their daily contact with the Bible and particularly with the psalms. In every case they amount to a dialogue between God and man, to a prayer in song.