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How many participants does the Commission expect to make use of the Consumer Classroom over a defined period of time?

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Can it say in addition whether that funding serves to support, directly or indirectly, programmes, projects, or activities which encourage abortion? EU institutions have no competence for the consular protection of EU citizens and the matter was dealt with by the competent services of Poland.

This has allowed aviation companies to shorten the distance between seat rows time and time again, so as to add more rows and thus increase profits. Doing so, including in Romania, would be important for the future deployment of geothermal energy. Moreover, the Romanian National Renewable Energy Action Plan estimates that this technology will provide 80 ktoe in the heating and cooling sector in It also offers Germany and other interested parties the opportunity to submit comments on the Commission’s initial findings.

While there is little doubt that Palestinians experience hardship and assistance is needed, it is also alleged that the Palestinian Authority continues to misappropriate funds:.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Occorre trovare una soluzione accettabile per tutti attraverso il dialogo e nel rispetto del diritto internazionale. Was the Council involved or consulted in the drafting process for the Tallinn Manual?

The Commission is very much involved in the commemoration and support of victims of terrorism. Promotion of company split-ups by structural funds in Rhineland-Palatinate. Publication of the list of penalties applied by the authorities of each Member State for breaches of EU road haulage regulations. How does the Commission support these micro-businesses and help and encourage them to take advantage of the internal market?


Gli Stati membri, secondo la giurisprudenza pertinente della Corte di giustizia dell’UE, stabiliscono il quadro normativo per l’offerta di servizi di gioco d’azzardo e definiscono gli obiettivi della propria politica in materia di gioco d’azzardo come pure il livello di tutela perseguito nell’interesse generale. The Commission encourages cooperation between Member States in the enforcement of the road haulage acquis, as well as transport information of hauliers. The development of an artificial retina would be a milestone in this effort.

If the Commission were to exclude the race track from the sale, would a legal clause in the transaction contracts, namely one securing public access to the race track for ddin sports, be compatible with EU legislation? Transposition of directives in the Kingdom aactualizata Spain. New rules for combating Alzheimer’s disease. Quali azioni intende intraprendere per verificare se ci sono state altre importazioni illegali di prodotti di foca, dal ad oggi?

The evaluation and measurement of effective EMF exposures are one of the main scientific questions addressed by these projects. The price of the undertaking is dependent on whether biogas production in Denmark will receive state aid in future. The EU has been and continues to negotiate Free Trade Agreements with several partners, and considers these as complementary and not contradictory to our firm multilateral commitment.

It is therefore not possible at present to predict when a final decision might be expected. Should it not review the guidelines on the treatment of mental health illnesses, in order to improve the effectiveness of European health systems and enable citizens to learn about the services offered by local facilities that can provide support at times of crisis?

Transparency of Commission expert groups. Gender stereotyping by the Princelandia franchise. Third parties have a one-month deadline to submit comments. Annual inflation stands at around 2. Leyea the case of calls for tender, access should not only be given to the contract award notice but also to the contract notice, the invitation to tender, the tender specifications and any other related documents.


The Commission does not intend to narrow the basic rights of EU citizens in non-commercial movements of excisable products. Reductions in confessional religious education at European Schools. Hoe beoordeelt de Commissie in dat licht het feit dat 8 van de 11 deelnemende partijen hebben aangekondigd een raamwerk voor handhaving te gaan implementeren, terwijl er geen overeenstemming is over de manier van handhaven?

Including a heating allowance in a package of social benefits is a decision to be taken at Member State level. Quali azioni intende intraprendere per assicurare la corretta implementazione del regolamento CE actuualizata.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields due to the presence of phone masts, mobile phones, WLAN, Wi-Fi, laptops and other sources typical of the era in which we live, is a serious health hazard. The Commission therefore encourages Member States to provide this information to hauliers in a user friendly manner.

Also, older people should be able to completely trust the medicines they take. The Commission encourages Member States to take action and monitors progress including via Country Specific Recommendations.

Bank tax — violation of democratic principles. What is the average number? Situation of the western railway line Portugal and required investment. It would therefore be unclear whether the sale price would reflect the market value. Request for the Commission to take action over the lack of blood in Greece.

In practice, most Member States use a common plug the Europlug. De Commissie onderzoekt momenteel verschillende opties om oneerlijke handelspraktijken tussen ondernemingen aan te pakken en verricht daartoe een effectbeoordeling.

According to the Treaty, the European Central Bank has the exclusive right to authorise the issue of euro banknotes.