La Bastida de les Alcusses – Monumentos en la Comunitat Valenciana – Spain. This is the most important Iberian settlement of those located in the Region of. LA BASTIDA DE LES ALCUSSES In the middle of Terres dels Alforins, at about meters avobe the sea level, there is located the Iberian settlement of “La. Fabbrica della Conoscenza numero 46 Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine Gambardella Fabbrica della Conoscenza Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine.

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Contact I accept the Privacy Policy. The Fallas, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Identification, Analysis and Management. Entry to the site is free. Retrieved from ” https: The result has been the development and implementation of an innovative and alcusss resource in the scope which concerns us.

Three tactile scale-models were executed which provide new resources for the accessibility, the perception and the interpretation of the site. In addition, the scenic viewpoints are recovered spaces to transmit knowledge about the landscape; these spaces are invitations for discussion and debate, encouraging the participation and interaction with the teacher, regardless whether this involves visits in the framework of training cycles or general visitors.

This fact combined with the limited economic resources available made it necessary to establish several priorities and in the end, the scope of the original project had to be cut back. The intervention was focused on enhancing the experience of both heritages: The Prehistory Museum of Valencia has gathered in a monograph published on the result of the archaeological campaigns that have been undertaken in different periods and that have made out of this village one of the best references to know the Iberians way of life, including the species of fauna and flora with which they lived together.

The implemented actions have contributed to the progressive definition, conditioning and enjoyment of the route and the landscape by making use of a site boundary system and several tactile accessibility devices which did not exist until now. In addition to the already loyal visitor groups, this action has now included groups of visitors with visual disabilities.

The Prehistory Museum of Valencia has been developing during the last years an important labour in terms of dissemination of La Bastida de les Alcusses. Further material from the website www. The objects recovered in the excavations are on display in the Museum of Prehistory in Valencia, although the archaeological museum in Moixent also exhibits a selection of findings.


La Bastida de les Alcusses

In newspapers of the time, the site was described as a “new Bastidaa. The criteria of the research team in charge of this archaeological complex have shown a major sensitivity towards the priceless landscape of the settlement in its particular site and the protection of the existing artefacts with minimal invasive interventions. Based on the tracking data which has been recorded, an average of annual visitors has been estimated in recent years, which have been enhanced by regular and original educational activities such as the aforementioned visit workdays which were attended by persons in a single weekend.

From its importance, the site was declared Artistic Historical Monument in The main criteria has alcisses a deep respect for the valuable landscape of the settlement in its particular site and the protection of the heritage of these ruins with minimal invasive interventions. In varying degrees, the performed actions have contributed to the progressive definition, conditioning, safety and enjoyment of the itinerary at the same time that tactile accessibility devices were installed which had not existed until that time.

This wall is some 4 metres wide and there are four gates: This study has revealed the non- existence of equivalent examples of these specific accessibility resources: These has been again peer-reviewed and selected for the oral session and publication, or only for the publication in the conference proceedings. Its strategic location favoured the interchange of raw lse and manufactured goods by prestigious projects, such as Greek ceramics.

The site has been consolidated and even one of its houses has been entirely rebuilt. The settlement covered four hectares and was surrounded by a walled enclosure that followed the contours of the hilltop. These elements are reproduced with different texture and reliefs which are accordingly depicted in a legend which permits blind persons to previously identify them for their subsequent discrimination.

Other agricultural tools found at the site include billhooks, sickles, hoes and rakes, forming one of the most complete tool assemblages known for pre-Roman agriculture in Spain.


In the preliminary studies conducted to carry out this project such as the analysis and overall action, we highlight the following issues: The scale-model comprises its relief in a ground plan in order to observe the interior layout of alusses tower with the lateral surveillance benches of the entry and its volumetry in the original form.

Commons category link is on Wikidata Coordinates on Wikidata. The implemented resources undoubtedly alcussea the conditions and quality of the visits to the site and increase the socialization and integration of people with disabilities in this unknown heritage.

La Bastida de les Alcusses

Knowing how life was in an Iberian village 2, years ago is alcussds thanks to the archaeological research developed in sites such as La Bastida de les Alcusses, located at the area of Moixent.

The most common livestock were sheep and goats, with some bovines and pigs.

The specific qualities of the natural landscape are enhanced, such as the aromas, temperature, irregular terrain and variety of the environment, thermal sensations, etc. Objective and relevant elements of the intervention process The primary objective of this intervention has been to make a progressive contribution by means of design lee, to the development of the refurbishment and the sustainability of this archaeological environment and the improvement of its visit, by promoting its appreciation and the inclusion of visitor groups, such as the case of persons with a visual disability.

This site is an Iberian settlement occupied from bastoda end of the 5th century BC to the mid of the 4th century BC.

Best Practices in Heritage Conservation and Management, In these houses we have registered a prominent abundance of really different findings domestic dishes, loom elements, agricultural tools, weapons, etc. We especially highlight that compared with other types of representations such as drawings or photographs, the 3-Dimensional nature of the scale-model provides certain advantages: It is open to the public all year round and there are guided visits.

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