Kaltem Gibson – Telekinesis – Unleash Your Telekinetic Share? All prior licenses to the Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability: Three. Fundamentals. Does anyone have better information from this guy Kaltem Gibson? Im reading his book on By “TK” do you mean telekinesis? RobertPaulsim. WARNING: telekinesis.

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For these reasons, force and tension are in common.

Who is kaltem Gibson? (TK book)

You where trying to apply all the combinations of skill that is needed to ride the bike. When you are in focus, you mind is open to process the information, instead of processing the already obtained information in concentration. The object must only be looked at and nothing more. Now the amount of focus you put on it and how you direct those vibrations are up to you. Energy is the second fundamental of telekinesis and used to influence an object. Take a deep breath in Now if we substitute the word “energy” with “wind,” The sentence now becomes, “Wind acting on matter air moves the matter solid.

So imagine all these different vibrations being scattered everywhere and nothing really focused on anything.


This can be either a stationary object or a person. A black colored shirt with a white aura will instead make your aura look grey. However, you do not have enough information for you to correctly perform a focus mental state of mind.

Physical exercising, drinking water, and eating healthy foods can improve your aura. The minds of the whole that watch television are altering the reels.

Thought loudness does not refer to your ability to think. Let them be limited and believe what they want to believe. Your reword is positive PSI energy as your protector.

Bad aura and good aura only refers to the quality of your energy. You will a part of your body to move a particular way and it does. When that information is obtained, you do not need to mentally process it the second time. To “Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability”, you must simultaneously apply the three fundamentals of force. Swish the coffee in your mouth. After using the audiotapes for a length of time, you may be accustomed to the induced state of mind that relaxation brings.

You are tense and upset. But guess what her intention was Especially negative, limiting, or hurtful ideas and beliefs. It applies here too. When you are in focus, you are able to maintain sight without any side effects of blurred vision.


The flames of a fire will not moving in an upward direction that would be similar to how fire burns in a fireplace. Summary Information about bending the physical structure of an object is not in this document.


This road, you are standing on is known as the scale of the quality of energy. However, the movie will still be degraded in clarity. katlem

telekinesiz Your environment is very important for a strong PSI shield. He then searched the Internet at message forums and read small telekinesis documents. They are too different things. In relevance to telekinesis, only two major chakra needs to be explained. When you know where negative energy is, your energy will stay positive because of your knowledge of how to stay away from negativity.

According to ancient mythology, there are more than one hundred and fifty chakras located at various points of the body.

At one point everyone thought the world was flat too.