Generating the License Key for an NSM Appliance Installation 16 Installing NSM with an IPv6 Management Address. Juniper Networks Network and Security Manager (NSM) is a unified device management solution for Juniper’s network infrastructure of routing, switching and. To receive Juniper Networks NSM and Juniper Networks Secure Service Gateway (SSG) logs events, configure a log source to use the Juniper Networks NSM.

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Src Zone Source zone associated with a traffic log entry. The name of the NSM administrator who changed the object. It generates a log when it identifies the attack pattern in traffic through the IDP device. Time Received Date and time that the management system received the log entry.

The name of the jniper global or subdomain that contains the changed object. Ignored—Matched the attack, did not take action, and ignored the remainder of the connection. Displays all log entries with signature, anomaly, or custom in the sub category column.

Severity Severity rating associated if any with this type of log entry: To set a flag, right-click the log row, select Flag, and then select one of the following flags:. NSM displays the Job Manager information window for the job task.


Displays events that match security policy rules marked with severity of critical. Logs based on notification options you set for security policy rules.

To see additional details for an device view entry, double-click the entry. As you work through logs, junuper can annotate them with flags and comments and then filter on your annotations. For sessions, specifies the number of outbound packets.

Juniper Networks Network and Security Manager (NSM) |

Screen Not applicable for IDP devices. For sessions, specifies the combined number of inbound and outbound packets. Packet captures are included in NSM log records only if you configure the packet logging notification option in your security policy rule.

A match with a custom attack object was detected. Rate and give feedback: The following sample output shows the protocols configuration of an M Series device: Closed Client—The device closed the connection and sent a RST packet to the client, but did neither to the server. Protocol that the packet that generated the log entry used.

To display details of a nonconfiguration event, such as adding the device, auto-detecting a device, or rebooting a device, select the audit log entry for that change in the Audit Log table and view details in uuniper Device View table, which is displayed below the Audit Log Viewer table. Role group associated with this log entry. User User associated with this log entry.


Technical Documentation

This section includes the following topics: Additional information that is not displayed in other audit log columns. Displays info log entries. Traffic matches an attack object. Table 1 provides a reference of log views. Roles Role group associated with this log entry. Dev Domain Ver Domain version that generated this log entry.


An implicit rule was matched. Copy address object entry as needed to create more objects. DI log entries provide information about an attack match against a deep inspection profile object. Config Displays all configuration log entries. Authorization Status The final access-control status of activities is either success or failure.