Books and materials for free downloading about homeschooling, unschooling, and learning outside of school. Books and articles about unschooling math. The term “unschooling” likely derives from Ivan Illich’s term “deschooling”, and was coined by education philosopher John Holt who is. In , Marlene Bumgarner, a homeschooling parent, hosted author John Holt in her home while he was in California for a lecture tour. While he played in the.

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It has been in business for a long time, and for all that time most school districts – I know of no exceptions – have been willing to accept a year of study under Calvert as equal to a year of study in school.

This is all really “big adult stuff. I saw a boy of thirteen, seventh grade, try to explain why he did not have an assignment.

John Holt (educator) – Wikipedia

John Caldwell Holt April 14, — September 14, was an American author and educator, a proponent of homeschooling and, specifically, the unschooling approach, and a pioneer in youth rights theory. What your philosophy about math?

Indeed, this assurance that Calvert-taught children would not fall behind has been part of what Calvert offered and sold its customers and clients. In other projects Wikiquote. Children in public schools are able to meet, and get to know, many children very different from themselves.

When school people hear about people teaching their children at home, they almost always say, “But aren’t you afraid that your bolt are mohn to grow up to be different, outsiders, misfits, unable to adjust to society?

Common Objections to Homeschooling – The Natural Child Project

We are the only ones who are thinking about what is good for them; everyone else is just trying to exploit them. When the child is full of energy and rambunctious, then we tackle big projects, we try tough stuff, we look at hard books. If you mean, determine your children’s view of life, you couldn’t do it even if you wanted to. Jud Jerome, writer, poet, former professor at Antioch, wrote about his son, Topher, meeting this so-called “social life” in a free school run by a commune: I was six years old.


For a long, long time, people who were good at sharing what they knew have realized certain things: What we need to pull our countries more together are more people who can afford to be polite, and much more – kind, patient, generous, forgiving, and tolerant, able and willing, not just to stand people different from themselves, but to make an effort to understand them, to see the world through their eyes.

The Needs and Rights of Childrenin which he claimed that children should have independence including the right to work for money, receive fair and equal treatment, the right to vote, and even the right to choose new parents.

Other parents have asked me similar questions, and to one I wrote: Some states have tried in recent years to deal with the problem by raising the minimum drinking age. And the whole tree grows. This teacher, the principal, was a “textbook” authoritarian.

Back to top 4. Being new to the environment, it is thought that he was able to make more objective distinctions than other educators, as to what the schools said they were doing and what they were actually doing. I was standing only a few feet away at the time Most of the schools that I know anything about are tracked – there would be a college track, and a business track, and a vocational track. And if we haven’t, do we really want to?

One news story sticks in my mind. When it was over, all I could hear was the jhn crying and my own heart beating.

Why The Future of Education Is Unschooling

We hear more and more about drinking, drunkenness, and alcoholism among the young. In any case, these are not qualities that can be taught or learned in a school, or measured with a test, or certified with a piece of paper. Back to top 7. In all but a very few of the schools I have taught in, visited, or know anything about, the social life of the children unchooling mean-spirited, competitive, exclusive, status-seeking, snobbish, full of talk about who went to whose birthday party and who got-what Christmas presents and who got how many Valentine cards and who is talking to so-and-so and who is not.

He can tolerate an extraordinary amount of uncertainty, confusion, ignorance, and suspense … School is not a place that gives much time, or opportunity, or reward, for this kind of thinking and learning. On the other hand, it would be impossible, even if you wanted to, not to have some influence on your children’s view of life. I hope this will remain true as more working-class and non-white families begin to unschool their children, and it well may; people who feel this kind of affection and trust in their own children tend to feel a strong bond with others who feel the same.


I don’t expect many illiterate parents to ask me how they can take their children out of school and teach them at home.

You and your children will have to find out as you go along what differences they make, and deal with them as best you can. How that’s done depends very much on the family’s circumstances and their interests, and the particular interests of the children.

To learn to know oneself, and to find a life worth living and work worth johh, is problem and challenge enough, without having to waste time on the fake and unworthy challenges of school – pleasing the teacher, staying out of trouble, fitting in with the gang, being popular, doing what everyone else does. He saw no distinction between learning and living jonn meaningful life. What is your philosophy about teaching reading?

What happens when children become ill, or have an injury, etc.? Most unschoolers seem to live on farms growing their own vegetables which I’d like or ojhn unique life-styles in urban areas, and heavy father participation in children’s education.

Common Objections to Homeschooling

If the child is feeling kind of tired or out of sorts, or a little bit sick, or kind of droopy in spirits, okay, we take it easy, and things go along very calmly and easily.

This morning I asked my third graders, “Do you feel that in our school kids are nice, kind to each other? I find that the unschooling philosophy aligns beautifully with the do-it-yourself hacker ethos that has fueled the Internet boom. Back to top 2.