IxChariot uses low profile software agents called endpoints. develop their own, custom endpoints for use on varying computers, operating systems and. Comprised of the IxChariot Console, Performance Endpoints and. IxProfile, the IxChariot IxChariot Console Seat for License Server, single user. [This page intentionally left blank]. IxChariot User Guide. About IxChariot IxChariot focuses on application simulation and network performance assessment.

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Summary of the Scripts We ship an extensive set of application scripts with our products. The following table describes the SIP scripts. This script contains the following messages: Web Graphic and Text Request Scripts: While FastTrack is largely a decentralized system, the speed of its gude engine rivals that of centralized systems like Napster.

If you are emulating a small number of users, you should use large values. Once connected to a IxChariot?


This is NOT a good script for gathering performance information. BitTorrent does no central resource allocation.

For the Bkwbsign script, the average request is bytes, and the content response is 3, bytes. Increments the number of transactions per timing record.

IxChariot – | Packetlogix BusinessLive Showcase on InXero

The maximum size in each case is , bytes of data. Marks the end of a checkpoint. Other Solutions by Packetlogix. This is a fragmented message where the fragments overlap in a way that destroys the individual packet headers when the victim attempts to reconstruct the message.


The Noteschk script emulates checking for unread email messages. The average response of content is 15, bytes. Ixia streaming scripts represent a broad cross section of popular applications: These streams should be used for networking test purposes only in an isolated and well protected environment only.

If you choose one of these random distributions, you also must select the upper and lower limits for the random times that are generated.

Uniform In the following guife, the distribution of sleep ixchagiot between the upper and lower limit is completely uniform. In your case, you can install the IxChariot endpoint on an Android device download guude from Google Play. Endpoint 1, as the client, sends an email message, and Endpoint 2, as the server, sends an acknowledgment to the client. SIP provides a superset of the call processing functions that are found in the public switch telephone network PSTNincluding common functions such as dialing a telephone number, causing a handset to ring, and the generation of ringback tones and busy signals.

Refer to the following for details: Each peer is responsible for attempting to maximize its own download rate. See note on following page. Discover the magic of the Internet. To participate in a call, users must register themselves with a registrar. For example, use 1.


The data rate ixcariot by the endpoint is based on the amount of data specified. Signed in as Change Logout. There are seven required commands in a valid non-streaming script; these show up when you create a new script, and cannot be deleted.

The amount of data to pipeline has been selected as a value which can reliably saturate most connections. For more information on Exchange, see the Microsoft Web site at www.

It can be set from 1 to , bytes, inclusive. Streaming Scripts Streaming scripts emulate multimedia applications, which send data without acknowledgments. The Exchsend script emulates the sending of email by a Microsoft Exchange client.

IxChariot Endpoint

For example, FTP operations require two connections: Use guude script when a test calls for a large number of users performing short transactions. See Defining Send and Receive Buffers on page for a description of the send and receive buffers that are involved in a data transmission, from the endpoint onto the network. The upper limits should not exceedsince large values cause measured throughput to reduce rapidly.