Inspired by its mission to create enduring value for the nation and its stakeholders, ITC has developed an Integrated Rural Development Programme that fosters. What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e- Choupal. This initiative has enabled farmers from over 40, The e-Choupal is a unique web-based initiative of ITC Limited, offering farmers required information, products, and services they need.

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This initiative, which has covered over 64, hectares, has a multiplier impact and reaches out to around 70, farmers. Within 10 years, ITC will have become self-sufficient in raw materials for its paperboard business.

The e-choupals, as ITC calls its computer kiosks, have already captured the hearts of farmers in wide swathes of India. Healthcare delivery chkupal Rural India. The services are customised to meet local conditions, ensure timely availability of farm inputs including credit, and provide a cluster of farmer schools for capturing indigenous knowledge. Choipal here to sign up.

It has empowered the community in creating a resource choupla that has given farmers necessary understanding that market led business model can have the positive impact upon the output and their efficiency. As a direct marketing channel, virtually linked to the ‘mandi’ system for price discovery, ‘e-Choupal’ eliminates wasteful intermediation and multiple handling.

An innovative model embedded with social goals, the Tic e-Choupal empowers farmers and hopes to trigger higher productivity and income through a host of services related to know-how, best practices, timely and relevant weather information, a transparent discovery of prices, choupaal to quality agri-inputs at competitive prices and so on. The farmers do not pay for the information and knowledge they get from e-Choupals; the principle is to inform, empower and compete.

The FMCG could link retailers to sourcing of goods and the sanchalak for distribution of goods. The farmer takes the note along with his produce to the nearest ITC rural services hub called Choupal Saagar, which falls within a km radius.

E-Choupal – Wikipedia

ITC aims to spend around Rs 1, crore on its rural initiatives in this decade. Next to fall will be West Bengal, where ITC aims to prove that the debate about contract farming is pointless, since contracts with individual farmers are an expensive proposition. The sanchalak bears some operating cost but in return earns a service fee for the e-transactions done through his e-Choupal.


The user would pay for the information by experts and would make ITC more responsible, accountable and professional since the information is being bought.

Even so, the economy depends to a large degree on the rural sector to stimulate demand. Indeed, tens of millions of Indian farmers are suffering.

Global award for ITC’s e-choupal Business-standard. This large-scale intervention in water stewardship covers 45 districts across 12 states and has brought the area under watershed to over 8,36, acres through more than 10, water harvesting structures.

ITC ABD :: e-Choupal

It can be used a channel to increase the level of depressed rate of literacy in the rural areas. The programme installs computers ict Internet access in rural areas of India to offer farmers up-to-date marketing and agricultural information. It can instill the necessary spirit of education among the young minds and inspire them chokpal pursue education for the benefit of their life. The creation of choupa green cover as well as improvement of soil health also positively impacts the environment.

ITC e-Choupal unshackles the potential of the Indian farmer, who has been trapped in a vicious cycle of low risk-taking ability – low investment – low productivity – weak market orientation – low value addition – low margin – low risk taking ability.

What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e-Choupal

Jump to Main Navigation. In coming month, it aims to install e- choupals.

Singh, for example, prefers to sell his wares to the company at the Choupal Saagar, an ITC-supported hub that doubles up as a procurement and warehousing centre, besides a market for inputs like seeds and fertilizer. ITC e-choupal on awards shortlist Business-standard. This diversification allows him to sell his crop at an opportune time, unlike earlier in the man dis, where he had no direct access to market information or alternative sources of income, and was thus unable to exploit price trends.


ITC is no stranger to rural India: For the year to March 31,ITC reported a net profit of Rs 1, crore on gross turnover of Rs 11, crore, with cigarettes still accounting for over 80 per cent of profits and sales. Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. From soya farmers in Madhya Pradesh, to wheat farmers in Uttar Pradesh, coffee growers in Karnataka and prawn farmers in Andhra Pradesh, every group has its own portal entry by invitation only, please.

As part of this revolutionary initiative, it took the concept of choupal one step further, which traditionally meant meeting of farmers in an open space to discuss ideas and knowledge, and, instead, installed computer with internet connectivity through satellite technology and solar power in such meeting points in every village in Madhya Pradesh, a central state in India, and connected every village in this way which famously came to be known as e- choupal centers.

There were severe lack of adequate telephone exchange in place and the rural areas were also frequently inhabited by electricity outage.

Please visit our sites: The enhancement of rural incomes has also unleashed the latent demand for industrial goods, necessary for the continued growth of the Indian economy.

ITC’s Agri Business Division, one of Chokpal largest exporters of agricultural commodities, has conceived e-Choupal as a more efficient supply chain aimed at delivering value to its customers around the world on a sustainable basis.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Each e-choupal, manned by a trained villager designated the “sanchalak”, covers around five villages. ITC never jtc any farmer to any sort of contract and essentially, xhoupal sure that with the information tools at their disposal they would decide the best action themselves in a longer run and this would bring about a change which the International Business Division of ITC had dreamed of when they launched this network.