Volume 2 in the ‘Dev and Lee’ series picks up five minutes after ‘Out of Position’ ends. Having come out to the world, Dev thought his trouble would be over, but. Isolation Play picks up five minutes after Out of Position ends. The events at the end of Out of Position have put Dev and Lee in an awkward position. The athletic . Isolation Play: F.A.Q.. Sequel? Um, what’s “Out of Position”? Here, I have an info page about it here. What’s the sequel called? Isolation Play. Will any of the.

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Hirosaki, he hosts a podcast about writing called “Unsheathed,” produced by Kit, and although Kit and K. Funny, sad, and touching.

A very well-written series. Lee meets a sports writer, Hal Kimmel a swift foxwho has recently went through a bad breakup.

Is Dev in it? It’s also disappointing that there are no female characters in this book – aside from Dev’s mother, who is a small part in all of two kyel, the book that is a cast of several dozen has no women to speak of. Lists with This Book. Fortunately, I had more of the story of Dev and Lee in mind. To view it, click here.

Most likely this fall sometime.

This theme crops up over and over during the novel, with family and the media, and it forces Dev and Lee to look forward instead of always watching their backs. Thanks to Lee’s self defense classes, he accidentally throws Mikhail off and hits iwolation head on a toolbox.

They’ll need to deal with a stubborn reporter determined to get a story any way he can, izolation parents, and hostile teammates—not to mention each other. Afterwards, Dev retrieves their belongings from Mikhail’s house and storms off in anger. More about the book. He has won ten Ursa Major awards for his novels and short stories. Here, look at the cover and one interior illustration there are 11 total.


Dev quickly pieces together that Mikhail made good on his threat and told the Dragons about their relationship. All in all, I still recommend this book. Plsy honestly think this is one of the best novels Kyell written so far. Feb 29, Manuel rated it really liked it. Dec 26, Alice rated it really liked it Shelves: What they hold back from their partner, how they screw up what they say, how they try to tell only part isplation the truth but then get b As with the first book about Lee and Dev, the story is key.

I have laughed, worried and shed a tear. Out of Position 2. Oct 23, Aeturnus rated it really liked it. The Firebirds win the game anyways, and afterwards, a crossdressing fox by the name of Argonne tries to offer Dev a blowjob, which he rejects. A bit more depressing than the first book, lots less fun lovey bits, but a good more mature representation of the struggles portrayed in the prior novel.

Probably one of THE sweetest books I’ve ever read. I practice after practice. It felt like she wants to accept her son’s lifestyle and his boyfriend, and wants to stick up for him, but she’s also scared of what her husband might do to her.

Isolation Play

He also gets how guys think and act and speak. May 06, Paul rated it did not like it Shelves: Lee does seem to have a friend or two at his job, but they seem like passive co-worker buddies at best. Lee confesses to having pushed the story to be published. Kyell Gold writes primarily anthropomorphic “furry” fiction, and is most famous for his stories in a Renaissance-era world Volle, Pendant of Fortune, The Prisoner’s Release, Shadow of the Father and his stories in a contemporary world Waterways, Out of Position, Isolation Play.


Isolation Play by Kyell Gold | LibraryThing

A criticism I have that follows from the first book are Lee’s friends from college, isolatiin more specifically the lack thereof. The football was a bit Isolation play is so far my favourite book in the series; The plot is great, the drama was gripping, and I loved seeing the characters act and react around each other. All’s fair in love and war–and this is both. Corey “Killer” Mitchell- A cougar who plays on the Firebirds team.

The last book had a scene isoltaion all of Lee’s friends were introduced as if they were going to be key supporting characters, kuell then were barely mentioned again with the exception of Brian and Salem, one of which was the antagonist. Devlin “Dev” Miski- a tiger who is a gay football player who iso,ation weak-side linebacker.

I felt that because the things that Dev and Lee have gone through, they have been given a chance to do one of two things: These just do not make up for the taxing slog.

It makes you drown in the story, the characters.