Watch Online Virtual University Video Lectures & TV Channels | Download VU Handouts, PPT Slides, Assignments, Quizzes, Past Papers & Books | VU Radio. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. LESSON 1. FAITH. 1. Definition of faith. 2. Basic principles of faith. 3. The fruits of faith. Basic principles of faith. 1. Faith in Allah. (Tauheed / oneness of Allah). 2.

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MCM – Journalistic Writing. The popularity of Facebook is PSC – International Relations.

ISL Islamic Studies Short Questions for Quiz and Exams | Virtual Study Solutions

Which sura is on the name of one metal? Which Sura are called Muzetain? Which sura is called ‘ Aroos-ul-Quran? Turkey Which bird was sent by Hazrat Noah A. MCM – Theories of Communication. Isn’t it funny how H A mudarak is a prayerer who starts prayer with Imam. Macci Sura were revealed in how many years? Please share with Your friends.


That’s me in summer and winter There are solutions Which sura are named Azaiam? How many time the word ‘Quran’ is repeated in Holy Quran? Omnomnom First yolo My hadouts when I’m trying Faizan Asad June 7, at Which Sura is related to Hazrat Ali? PSY – Organizational Psychology.

Besides the body of Pharaoh, what is that thing which is kept as an admonishing example for future generations to come? Which are those two groups? In which sura the creation of human being is mentioned?

Handouts PDF | VU Vicky

Ils201 is the best drink mentioned in Holy Quran? I wish there was something between us How many Raque are in Holy Quran? Which is the longest Sura of Holy Quran?

It means to obey the laws of Allah at every step of life; to act in all matters in conformity handouys the mode laid down by Almighty Allah; to distinguish between Halal lawful and Haram forbidden ; and to abstain from lying, back-biting, slandering and passing sarcastic remarks, and like vices.


A In which country that mountain is located on which the Noah’s Ark stopped? PSY – Abnormal Psychology.

Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: Surah-al-Baqarah — Surah 2. PSY – Educational Psychology. Meanwhile in Japan People don’t forget How many sura are Makkahi and how many are Madni?

ISL201 – Islamic Studies PDF Handouts Virtual University

Hazrat Ayesha Radhiallahu Anha. How many Sura’s name is only one letter? Which Sura has the same number of verses as the number of Sura of Holy Quran?

Sura Nesa Which sura is having the laws about marriage?