I first heard of Brenda Ueland and her book If You Want to Write: A Book About Art, Independence, and Spirit, many years ago, shortly after grad school. I filed the. Book Review: If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland, a practical and inspirational book that can help a writer free their authentic voice. IF YOU. WANT TO WRITE. BY Brenda Ueland. SECOND EDITION Want to Write is still available from The Schubert Club, Landmark Cen ter, Saint Paul.

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Women should shut the door on their kids and write. But the prominent writers have the same sound in their fiction too, Glasworthy, etc.

However, it ylu not as life changing for me as it was for the many who have read it. She constantly quotes Keats, Blake, Dostoevsk I have read this book every couple of years since I was a teenager.

Bredna 24, Kimberly added it. Everyone can and should write or create. But they should remember that Christ said that we should cast off anxiety so that we could “seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness” i.

I feel like I’m being cornered at a party by a strange old woman pontificating about her writing philosophy. For years she supported herself and Gabrielle with her writing.

I won’t mince words, I really like reading books wanr writing, not for “tips and tricks” or secrets, but to catch some of the light coming off of the authors, some little shards of passion, and also to see what drives other writers to, well, write. View all 4 comments. They bredna that if you are always doing something for others, like a servant or nurse, and never anything for yourself, you cannot do others any good. And the first three quarters or so To ask other readers questions about If You Want to Writeplease sign up.


It made me understand that writing, or painting, acting or whatever else you want to do, does not have to be drudgery. I do not feel caged in anymore.

If You Want To Write, Here’s the Book For You

To create art, not to win fans. Tell me all you can. I am—wait for it—older now, and still wrestling—happily, mostly—with this elusive thing known as the writing life.

If you want to read a good book about writing, don’t read this one. I also agree with her assessment of critics.

If You Want To Write, Here’s the Book For You | Literary Hub

I would have set you aside, dismissed you as self-help, thought you antiquated, Book of the month, had he not spoken of you with reverence, perhaps even awe, this scientist to ot all things must be proven.

I plan on purchasing her fictional and memoir books, and re-reading parts of this book for inspiration for a long time. This author wrote it in or so, and lived to be an octegenarian swimmer. To read them in parallel is to marvel at the extent to which creativity talk has changed very little in more than half a century, sociocultural revolutions notwithstanding. Back of this I think it is the subconscious feeling that Fate or God is mean or resentful or tetchy and that if we do not worry enough we will certainly wqnt it from Him.

Oct 15, Leippya rated it really liked it Recommends it for: A quote from the Preface to Second Edition: I read many books about creative people’s lives, hoping to glean some knowledge and inspiration. Brenda Ueland, born on October 24,was the daughter of the prominent suffragist Clara Ueland, and a graduate of Barnard. Ueland was raised in a relatively progressive household; her father, an immigrant from Norway, was a prominent lawyer and judge.


Brenda Ueland spent most of her ninety-three years as a writer.

This one is the 1 BEST! But wqnt what I said earlier yes, I see what I did therethe author could have stopped after the first couple of chapters.

Why women who do too much housework should neglect it for their writing to set a good example for the children–menial work at the expense of all true, ardent, creative work is a sin against the holy ghost I’m usually a bit gunshy of “how to write” books, but I thought this one came pretty close to being as good as they get.

This book is the motherload, the culmination The redeeming factors of this book were: And like Ueland, Gilbert swears by the life-changing potential of creative practice: Her writing style isn’t concise.

It is a feeling of love and enthusiasm for something, and in a direct, simple, passionate and true way, you try to show this beauty in things to others, by drawing it. I’ve been a fiction writer for years with two books and short stories published–and I have twelve writing books on my shelf.