Hier beschreiben wir den Übergangstarif zwischen dem HVV und Niedersachsen . Hier im HVV-Onlineshop können Sie Einzel-, Tages- und Wochenkarten kaufen. Aktuelle Meldungen · Abfahrten · Linienfahrplan · Haltestellenaushang. Hier beschreiben wir den Übergangstarif zwischen dem HVV und Cuxhaven.

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Also be careful of the Schnellbuses fast buses since there are extra charges for them even if you have a greater Hamburg ticket. Posted 25 Jan Greater Hamburg covers most of what folk would call Hamburg. I wish I could give you a complete answer, but don’t know this system well enough to do so, hvg I think if you go to the hvv website and use their fare optimizer, you can enter haltestelleaushang what kind of card you have for the route you are traveling haltedtellenaushang see if it is sufficient.

Good luck figuring yours out! I’ve looked at the zoning card several times and I don’t understand their logic. My bf who is German believed I only needed to pay 1.

Register a new account. To me it looks as though I would have to pay for 3 zones a couple of classmates agree with me but a man at the HVV information point told me I would need a “greater Hamburg” pass It seems Germans have trouble understanding it too as I was fined 15 euros a couple of days ago for having an insufficient fare.


haltfstellenaushang Posted 21 Jan And let us know what you find! I would like to buy a monthly card to save money. Hlatestellenaushang doesn’t seem haltestellenaushnag though I would need a “greater Hamburg” hvc when I only travel 9 stops on one line. I have also had some trouble figuring out how many zones I need to pay for as I’ve received conflicting information.

Posted 22 Jan Sign up for a new account in our community. Anyone have any idea which is correct? I see lots of stations are plotted along the edge of two zones. Sign in Already have an account? Posted 2 Nov Posted 20 Jan We live near Hagenbecks Tierpark and I work in city centre, so I chose andso that I can also use S-Bahn to Stellingen, which is also near our flat.

Thanks for clearing that up Hammonia: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Help understanding HVV zones

Sign In Sign Up. Have a look which haltestellenaushwng or is more convenient for you maybe you travel through a certain zone on the way to work etc. I did write to them and say I was travelling from to I do think its wrong and I don’t know what quite to do about it as I have the emails sent between me and the HVV guy saying its a 2 fare zone price after i told them what i was travelling in!! I still don’t think mines right either.


Posted 26 Jan Am I correct in thinking that I could have either zone or on my travel card to travel to Ohlsdorf for eg?

Help understanding HVV zones – Life in Hamburg – Toytown Germany

You need to haltestelleanushang a member in order to leave a comment. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Started by Jason2 Nov I travel from Legienstrasse to my german classes in Messehallen. Anything more than that you have to pay the next fare up. Because I was not sure what to get.

If its not Kurzstrecke or Nahbereich you pay the full whack.