View and Download HP X – JetDirect Print Server user manual online. external print server/Internet connector for USB. X – JetDirect Print Server Cables. View and Download HP Jetdirect x administrator’s manual online. HP JetDirect x Printer-Accessory: User Guide. Jetdirect x Print Server pdf manual. Hp X – JetDirect Print Server Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp X – JetDirect Print Server User Manual.

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The information contained in this document is subject to change without manuall. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed mnual constituting an additional warranty. By attaching a device directly to a network, you can install it in a convenient location and share it with multiple users. Supported Print Servers The features described in this guide support the following HP Jetdirect print servers with firmware versions specified: For operation with gp network environments, consult your system vendor or authorized HP dealer.

It uses passwords for mutual authentication between a client and a network authentication server. Encryption HP Jetdirect Click your way to a quick solution! The HP Web site http: Firmware Upgrades Hewlett-Packard offers downloadable firmware upgrades for HP Jetdirect print servers that contain upgradeable memory HP Jetdirect x and m products are not upgradeable.

HP 175X – JetDirect Print Server Manuals

For more information on 175c Web Jetadmin, visit: Telephone fees are the responsibility of the caller. Note Rates may vary. Contact your local telephone company for current rates. See determine which software is best for you. Note For more information on these and other solutions, visit HP online support at: HP Jetdirect wireless print server with a wireless connection to your network.

After a wireless network connection is established, you must use other HP printer installation utilities, or standard Operating System tools, to install the printer on your network systems. HP-UX and Solaris systems.

Value-based print servers, such as x and m, are not supported.

The software is distributed through the following methods HP Web Jetadmin HP Web Jetadmin is an enterprise management tool that allows you to remotely install, configure and manage a wide variety of HP and non-HP network printing devices simply through a standard Web browser.

HP Web Jetadmin can be used to proactively manage both individual or groups of devices. By default, the port number is You can also substitute the systemname. Full-featured HP Jetdirect print servers firmware version x. Using the appropriate software on your system, you can create an IPP print path from your system to a supported HP Jetdirect-connected printer over the Internet. Open the Printers folder click Start, select Settings, and select Printers.

You will be prompted for a printer driver the HP Jetdirect print server does not contain printer drivers, so your system cannot automatically obtain the driver. Click OK to install the printer driver onto your system and follow the instructions on the screen.

To obtain the most recent software version, or to obtain the related documentation: To use this utility, the HP Jetdirect wireless print server must be in a factory-default state.


Hewlett-Packard recommends that only network administrators use the printer configuration capabilities of this utility. If this printer is to be serviced by a print spooler, set up the printer’s name and zone before configuring the spooler to capture the printer. Select the Settings icon from the scrolling icon list.

The Please select a setting: Instead of your printer remaining on the default zone, which is set by the router, this utility lets you select the zone on which your printer appears.

To display your user name on the network when you are printing documents, go into the Control Panel on your Mac OS computer, select Sharing Setup, then type your owner name. ENWW for more information. HP Software Solutions Summary The Print dialog box appears.

If the printer prints the job, you have connected your printer to your network correctly. A default IP address may or may not be assigned depending on the network environment. Internet will not be available. The default gateway address will be the same as the link-local address. If a duplicate address is sensed, the HP Jetdirect print server will automatically reassign its address, if necessary, in accordance with standard link-local addressing methods.

When initially powered on, a factory-default wireless print server that has no connection to a network will likely self-assign a link-local IP address.

You can use your printer installation software or the HP Jetdirect print server installation software on supported systems. You can set configuration parameters using Telnet.


In order to set configuration parameters, set up a Telnet connection from your system to the HP Jetdirect print server using the default IP address. For more information, see Embedded Web server. A properly configured BOOTP server on the network will respond with a message that contains basic network configuration data for the Jetdirect print server. When in its factory-default state and powered on, the HP Jetdirect print server will attempt to automatically configure itself using several dynamic methods, one of which is BOOTP.

Entries and tags supported by the HP Jetdirect print server firmware jrtdirect x. The gateway IP address tag. This address identifies the An HP-proprietary tag to manula the idle timeout secondswhich is the amount of time that a print data connection may remain idle before being closed.

The range is 1 – seconds. A password up to 16 alphanumeric characters that allows administrators to control changes of HP Jetdirect print server configuration parameters through Telnet, HP Web Jetadmin, or embedded Web server.

HP jetdirect 175x Administrator’s Manual

The password may be cleared by a cold reset. Each entry specifies a host or network of hosts that are allowed jetdirext connect to the printer. By default, the HP Jetdirect print server uses LPR as the source facility code, but local user values of local0 through local7 can be used to isolate individual or groups of print servers.

The default is 60 seconds. Enables or disables printing an IPX banner page. Enables or disables IPX end-of-job notification. Enables or disables IPX toner-low notification. Automatically negotiates and sets the the highest communication mode possible for the attached printer or device.


Typically used to identify the name of a person to contact for support of this device.


Typically used to specify a phone number or extension to call for support of this device. HP recommends that all printers be assigned infinite leases to avoid problems resulting manul IP addresses that change.

Be aware, however, that selecting an unlimited lease duration for the scope causes all clients in that scope to have infinite leases. Skip this step if you have assigned unlimited leases in the previous step. Otherwise, select Scope and select Add Reservations to set up your printers as reserved clients. For each printer, perform the following steps in the Add Reserved Clients window to set up a reservation for that printer: Once the address appears in the list of IP addresses, select Jrtdirect.

If the address you have just added appears in the list of IP addresses near the bottom of the window return to step 10d. HP recommends that all printers be assigned reserved IP addresses. This can be accomplished after you set up the scope see step NetWare Systems NetWare 5. Turn the printer off. The protocol is not routable, that is, the workstation from which jetdlrect configuration is made must be located on the same network segment as the HP Jetdirect print server.

Depending on the system, the LAN hardware address may require a specific format. For Windows NT 4. HP Web Jetadmin software. Creating a Telnet Connection To use Telnet commands with the HP Jetdirect print server, a route must be available from your workstation to the print server. If the print server and your computer must have a similar IP address, that is, the network portion of their IP addresses match, chances are that a route will exist. A connection to the HP Jetdirect print server will be displayed.

Command Line Interface Default Using the Telnet command line interface, you can set configuration parameters using the following procedures: During a Telnet session, enter? To list additional or advanced commands, enter the command advanced befored entering?. Alpha-numeric string up to characterstypically used to identify the name of a network or device administrator. The print server can store up to four WEP keys using four key positions Key 1, 2, 3, 4.

To enter a WEP key, specify the key position followed by the encryption key value. Use this command to specify server-based authentication methods used on ietdirect network. For a brief description of supported authentication protocols, see None: Up to alphanumeric characters may be used. Specify the CA certificate character string that will be used to identify and validate the authentication server. This string will be compared to an identification string received from the authentication server.