In our last Lock Picking article on the SerePick Bogota Entry Toolset, a lot of people commented that they were unable to purchase Lock Picks. DIY Windshield Lock Picks. Lock picking is an Previously we demonstrated how to make your own pick out of a paperclip. Today, I’ll discuss. For instructions on how to make your own lockpicks from dinner knives (also incorrectly known as butter knives), check out wizwazzle’s part.

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When you purchase these picks, you get the pick, but you also get a handle on the other side of the pick, made of the same metal. When you are making lock picks with a grinder, be it a big axe sharpener or a little Dremel lockpicls, always make sure to point the metal in the direction that the grinder is spinning.

Open a Door Lock Without a Key: That is, if the grinder wheel is spinning down, make sure the metal is angled down, at about a 45 degree angle. Except you don’t necessarily want a huge one like that, unless you have a very fine sharpening stone.

Also a spare allan wrench, to grind into a tension wrench. For instructions on how to make your own lockpicks from dinner knives also incorrectly known as butter knivescheck out wizwazzle’s part video series below. This might take even longer that it took on the grinder, especially if you went to fast on the grinder! If you want to learn more moves, check out all of the other lockpicking guides here on WonderHowTo. Crack and open a combination lock How To: Bypass security wafers when lock picking All Features.


You’ll need some safety glasses, a dust mask, hearing protection, stainless steel knives, a bench grinder, files, and sandpaper.

Pick a warded lock How To: YouTube user wizwazzle prefers a butter knife to pick locks MacGyver-style, but it takes some work to fashion that steel into a useable lockpick.

Ok, now that you have the tension wrench and the other materials, how to make lock picks. How to make lock picks: First thing to do to make lock picks is to get used to your grinder. You won’t need much, strong but thin metal, a grinder, a filer, and perhaps lock pick templates.

Totally impressed with this. I recommend making the tension wrench first. It is possible of course, but why not spend a couple dollars to get the right materials and actually make yourself a good set of picks?

Just use a pockpicks wheel with a sharp edge. Be sure to keep a steady hand, and don’t do too much at once. How to make lock picks The most important of these items is the metal you choose.

Bobby pins, soda cans, and even butter knives can get the job done, but each needs to be reworked into something more appropriate for the lock in question. And I love the background noise in the video – worth the watch.


How to make lock picks, homemade!

Just Use a Magnet How To: They have a small piece of metal at the base of them which can be bent to form a perfect tension wrench. Pick a lock How To: How to make lock picks, homemade! You can also use windshield wiper blades for tension wrenches huh? The next thing you’ll need is a grinder, like the ones used to sharpen axes, hatchets, pick axes and the like. Use it after you have done the grinding, to fine tune and smooth your lock pick. Make and use a bump key homejade pick any lock How To: The filer will have to be course, so that you don’t spend hours filing off the little pieces of metal that will be bent out at weird angles from the grinding.

How to make lock picks, homemade lock picks

Check it out, seriously. It should take you about 30 min on the grinder, go slowly and carefully!

Here’s a good video on how to make lock picks Use the filer to make thickened and flattened sides thinner, lockpivks to round off edges.