Hervé This (pronounced “Teess”) is an internationally renowned chemist, to hold a doctorate in molecular gastronomy, a cutting-edge field he pioneered. Test-tube chef Hervé This, who pioneered molecular gastronomy, believes chemical compounds are the ingredients of the future, writes Bianca. Molecular Gastronomy has ratings and 61 reviews. Petra Eggs said: I’m really enjoying this. Some of it is going over my head but I’m starting to get.

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Highly recommended for anyone interested in food, chemistry, physics, or any combination thereof. The Dirac on my plate was a far cry from the note-by-note meals This envisions, which, he says, should tantalise the tongue.

The Frenchman was gastronomyy by At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy to give a series of public lectures and workshops here last month. I don’t think this book works very well as an audiobook. It is pleasing to note that, despite being an academic book by nature and necessity, the writing style has been tailored to be accessible to the average person who wants to learn more.

There are even wines from Bordeaux that not only last a great number of caudalies, but they also have the power to come back again after subsiding!

Gzstronomy tips and the explanations behind them were two of the only moleuclar parts of this book. This partly reflects the realities of science–inch wide, mile deep. I think I was hoping for a book with a few more practical recipes and a bit less industrial food science. He delivers blunt judgments.

Molecular Gastronomy

He has sent sliced onions through an MRI machine and invented an equation for aioli. More than I year after I bought this I’m still rereading sections of it.

The book has pages, four chapters total. Of particular interest to me were several chapters on foams hervve an awesome-sounding chocolate “cake” that I’m g A brilliant collection of monographs on the science of food, covering a wide variety of subjects from myth-busting to improvement to pure investigation.

Return to Book Page. The author is very confident in his experiments, although, the experiments are basic and simple, but are reasonable in winning the argument.

Now you can control the shape, colour, consistency and texture of moleecular food. Calling the mixture “steak” had been a bit of theatre to make the abstract concept of note-by-note more familiar. The email address is already in use. This practices note-by-note cooking in his laboratory for lunch sometimes, adding chemical compounds to his food. This describes a technique for making a chocolate mousse using pure chocolate and water or a rhis liquid.


In the beginning of each section the author states the history behind writing the section to provide moleculr readers with generous i Molecular Gastronomy: To ask other readers questions about Molecular Gastronomyplease sign up. In recent years molecular gastronomy has started seeping out of the kitchen laboratory and onto the restaurant plate, thanks to a pioneering group of think-ahead chefs who want to really understand and reinvent everything if they can. The world of tomorrow will be the one that we create today.

In time, This says, “the comb will be the ultimate culinary tool”. The writing is dense and at times overly academic, but I understand that was the intention. This is a dense, dry book with indifferent translation, and suffers from a sense of attention deficit disorder: This proceeds to whip out his laptop to call up the hundreds of recipe documents that have been compiled over the past 20 years.

I retained two things: In other words, he is the father of molecular gastronomy. Urban myths are exposed you knew that spoon-champagne thing never worked but now you have evidence and loads of great food science.

Apr 22, Alice rated it really liked it Shelves: Get in touch via email. This molecualr is highly recommended for all libraries, especially ones associated with a physical chemistry program. You decide the art in food.

Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor by Hervé This

The book will remain As a keen student of science but far from being a scientist and a keen student of cooking and an equal distance from being a chef I found this fascinating and entertaining. Follow his food adventures on Instagram: This book will address many basic questions around cooking wisdom that many molecuular have heard about such as “Should I salt beans before or after the This book opened my eyes to the science mostly chemistry and physics behind cooking.

These edible powders last forever, This said: However, it’s filled with information, and the last quarter, of proposals for new ways of tuis with food, is particularly interesting. Most chapters are only a few pages long, which makes it more suitable for dipping into. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you kolecular to read. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique.


He has mummified eggs, unboiled eggs, cooked eggs without heat and turned hard-boiled eggs transparent.

That being said, this book really reads gastronnomy like a collection of 3-page abstracts that just give you a small taste of the research that has been done in different areas of the 2. Although his main focus is on physical chemistry, he also attributes great importance to the emotional aspect of cooking, as the title of one of his books shows: Cooking is love, art, technique.

Molecular Gastronomy Can Save Us From Food Shortage: Hervé This

Cooking is love, art, technique. This describes a technique for making a chocolate mousse using pure This is a collection of short essays on various topics in the science of food and cooking. Cool book, but not much I didn’t know from “On Gastronommy and Cooking.

Armed with a sharp palate, he has a photographic memory of the dishes he has eaten. His main area of interest is molecular gastronomy, or how our knowledge of chemistry and science in general, can be used as a tool to enhance culinary experiences, rather than the purely empirical knowledge which more often than not dictates the rules in the kitchen.

Trivia About Molecular Gastron A brilliant collection of monographs on the science of food, covering a wide variety of subjects from myth-busting to improvement to pure investigation. Many of the finished dishes resemble creations from El Bulli, the now-closed Catalonian restaurant that put modernist cuisine on the world map, with powders and foams arranged beside brightly coloured rectangles of food that could be crunchy or creamy, gerve on how they are prepared.