The Hemingses of Monticello has ratings and reviews. Bruce said: This is an extremely well written and thought provoking boook. Gordon-Reed add. As The Hemingses of Monticello makes vividly clear, Monticello can no longer be known only as the home of a remarkable American leader, the author of the. In the mids the English captain of a trading ship that made runs between England and the Virginia colony fathered a child by an enslaved woman living.

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I would easily have given those parts 4 stars. The captain, whose surname was Hemings, and the woman had a daughter. Really felt the preaching was unnecessary.

I totally agree with the fact that slavery is evil and that its abolishment was one of the great struggles in our nation’s past that needed to happen. The one historian willing to assert that this relationship likely did exist, Annette Gordon-Reed, made her claims in the book, “Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: With its empathetic and insightful consideration of human beings acting in almost unimaginably difficult and complicated family circumstances, The Hemingses of Monticello is history as great literature.

Rather, she opted if that word even applies to a slave who was a young, impressionable, and inexperienced girl, not to mention one who was pregnant to come back to Virginia with Jefferson, having apparently extracted a promise from him that their children would be freed when they came of age. Everyone comes vividly to life, as do the places, like Paris and Philadelphia, in which Jefferson, his daughters and some of his black family lived. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family by Annette Gordon-Reed

While she mentions that he didn’t like to lose on any issue, she also emphasizes how much he disliked conflict, almost suggesting he would “give in” rather than have disagreement be a part of his life. Annette Gordon-Reed’s “riveting history” of the Hemings family, whose story comes to vivid life in this brilliantly researched and deeply moving work.


However, neither Hemings sibling applied for freedom, and, in fact, when it was time for Jefferson to return to Virginia, both Hemingses willingly gave up their freedom to return with him as his slaves.

If it was ,onticello at Jefferson’s recommendation before his death, no document has been found to confirm it.

And it was an era when white women were also being forced into unwanted marriages. Pinckney’s Treaty by Samuel Flagg Bemis They named her Elizabeth. Perhaps a single chapter with all of her arguments in one place early in the book would have worked better. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When the author presented a narrative about what the people did based on primary sources and some secondary sourcesI was hooked.

A Novel Rediscovered Classics. I wanted to know a lot more about what happened to the Hemingses—both free and unfree—in the years after Jefferson died and his household at Montecello broke up. The reviewer accuses the author of manipulating their emotions talking about slavery, which the reviewer already knows was horrible so why do they need to hear it any more about it, and mentions the “angry” tone of the author.

Aug 20, Judy rated it really liked it. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: Unsettling moonticello it may be to 21st-century sensibilities, Jefferson and Hemings appear to have set up a situation between themselves in which all parties concerned got what they wanted. Gordon-Reed presents an oppressed people, but returns their humanity, creativity, and individuality. Washington and the Politics of Change in the sby G.

I found the section on Sally’s arrival in Europe particularly irritating. Blending biography, genealogy, and history, Gordon-Reed history, Rutgers Univ.

The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family

For their fresh and painstaking exploration into the cost and effectiveness of attempts to combat the growing menace of wildfires across the western United States. Family members were separated to the great heartache of those affected. Gordon-Reed teases out telling clues from correspondence and journals of the Hemingses’ struggle for dignity ot the cruel constraints of montkcello. After the death of his third wife, John Wayles took his slave Elizabeth Hemings as his mistress, and was the father of six of her children.


An engrossing, original narrative showing the Mandans, a Native American tribe in the Dakotas, as a people with a history.

It was too long is definitely true. We follow the Hemingses to Paris, where James Hemings trained as a chef in one of the most prestigious kitchens in France and where Sally arrived as hemingzes fourteen-year-old chaperone for Jefferson’s daughter Polly; to Philadelphia, where James Hemings acted as the major domo to the hemingse appointed secretary of state; to Charlottesville, where Mary Hemings lived with her partner, a prosperous white merchant who left her and their children a home and property; to Richmond, where Robert Hemings engineered a plan for his freedom; and finally to Monticello, that iconic home on the mountain, from where most of Jefferson’s slaves, many of them Hemingsed family members, were sold at auction six months after his death in Some have criticized the book, saying she used too much conjecture or ehmingses too many conclusions that lack source material.

Reveille in Washington, — by Margaret Leech So she was one quarter black, and she was the half-sister of Thomas Jefferson’s wife. Why did Martha wait 8 years? Jan 26, Thomas DeWolf rated it really liked it. At some point inas the French Revolution swirled about them, year-old Sally became pregnant by year-old Thomas Jefferson.

Origins — Young Elizabeth’s world — John Wayles: He was America writ small. A better subtitle might have been “A Speculative History”, because of all monticello Gordon-Reed’s close attention to factual history, that’s what it is. Moved by the Board from the Biography category.