Reproduction of this manual, in whole or in part,by any means, is prohibited. Thank you very much for purchasing our ZOOM H4n Handy Recorder ( hereinafter. The H4n Handy Recorder has long been a favorite of audio and video aficionados everywhere. It .. Zoom H4n Handy Recorder: Operations Manual ( English). In this manual, symbols are used to highlight warnings and .. Thank you for selecting the ZOOM Handy Recorder H4 (subsequently referred to simply as the.

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You can even multiple tracks in multiple passes, overdubbing one or two tracks at a time. The H4n is ideal for the following scenarios Vocal recording Recording acoustic guitar sound Piano recitals Live performance recording The band practices Transfer analogue sound sources to digital sources Recording the meetings Any field sound recording Drum practice recording If the users ignore this symbol and handle the cover should be closed.

Environment time since this can cause hearing impairment. Copyright warnings Recording of live performances Many artists and most live venues do not allow recording and photography and will check for cameras and recorders at the entrance.

Depending on the application of the recording, you can select which recording mode and audio quality setting is right for the situation. Inspect the package contents to mnaual sure all accessories are included. This function is only available when the H4n is used as an SD card reader or an audio interface.

Make recoeder all equipment is turned off. Here are some basic explanations about each operation. Moving [DIAL] on the top screen, [ ] move accordingly. To format, when an SD card is not in measured in terms of stereo track a recognized format. How to connect external maual devices The H4n offers versatile connectivity with options for any recording application.

The H4n utilizes an X Y stereo mic configuration.

By placing two microphones in a crossed pattern opposing anglesthe H4n can cover a wide area and capture sound sources in the center with clarity and definition.

Sounds reach both mics simultaneously, and therefore no phase cancellation occurs between right and left channels. External microphone recording Press the [MENU] button for more than 2 seconds, and start Please put H4n 30 – 50 cm away from the When you use the external microphone, be sure to operation from the top screen. Built-in speaker The H4n is equipped with a built-in mono speaker. H4n built-in speaker This is a mono speaker for playback. You can choose the mode according to your need.

Display at the bottom of Menu screen In the recording and playback menu, the current re- cording condition is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. Remote control operation When you use the optional remote controller, you can operate the H4n from a distance. Recording and placing marks.


Engages recording standby condition and Remote control button operation Stop counter resets to 0. Start recording and the counter begins to Set input source and manua, level Control settings for the targets, built-in microphones or bandy input jacks. To change that, take the following steps. Press the [MENU] button for more than 2 seconds, and start operation from the top screen.

Recording on 4CH mode This is the method to record 4 channel stereo sounds coming from the built-in mic and the external input jack. Recording in MTR mode Using multiple tracks, you can combine mono and stereo recordings. Link tracks together, create a stereo track, or you can create a special setting for output effects. Press [REC] button during playback, from that recordrr position you can start re-recording. Select the setting input source.

For each input source, low level input signals are lifted up and high level input signals are controlled down when recording. Only on 4CH mode inputs between Setting value: Press the [MENU] button for more than 2 seconds, and start Tuning display Tuner type and code operation from the top screen.

The metronome starts at the manuao of rscorder and playback. If you start in the middle of a song or track, the metronome beats may not be in sync with the song. Set the metronome tone. The flow of signals will change corresponding to the input sources and recording tracks. The patch selected at step6 is now imported to the present project.

Select an import patch and press. Select the track menu icon and press. If you prefer to call up the files for later playback, take the following steps. Setting marks While operating file playback you can create marks at desired spots. You can move easily to the spot during playback. During playback operation, How to create marks press the [REC] button.

After setting up A and B During recording and playback, When you move around in the file using [FF] points press the [REC] button, you cannot make any settings and [REW] buttons and whenever you press you can cancel all settings.


Create and record files separately, assign them to tracks and play hand back simultaneously. Select the figures according Select the counter Caution; Once deleted, you cannot retrieve the file.

The name of the folder or the project to delete files. Once deleted, you cannot retrieve the file. The copies are saved in the same project as the original files. This function is useful when you want to preserve the original master copy. When converting letters, In case of two files with the Display when the file same name.


Zoom H4N User Manual

The display name is over follow the next order: When the name of the file exists! The mark the user created. The H4n will place the mark on the WAV You should press at the desirable dividing spot. This function is used to move files to a different folder or mode. To change the name of the new project. Numbering of the projects Press. Select a project to be Manal. Select the project to change Project number; the name and press. Select a target project and start operation.

B O U N C E m e a n s t o p u t together the various music data divided in different tracks and files into the stereo or monaural files. Select the time you desire and press. Change the number Press. A higher the number corresponds to more contrast.

Select the battery type and Press. This effect produces a metallic ringing sound. Selects the insertion position of the EFX module: P the metronome tempo as reference. H4n patch list Effect patches in this page” Patch List” can be used in 4track mode and audio interface func- tion. All product and artist names are intended only to illustrate sonic characteristics that were used as reference in the development of this product.

Zoom H4n Operation Manual

If the remaining capacity of the SD card is Other problems low, the temporary file may use up all the remaining space, causing playback to stop.

The FCC regulation warning for U. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits harmful interference to radio communications. Page of Go. Page 23 – How to use the track recordwr, [2], [3] and [ Page 24 – How to use the input [MIC], [1] and [2] How to connect external audi Page 31 – Setting up: Built-in microphones Page 32 – Setting up: Page 33 – Setting up: INPUT [1], [2] connections a Page 34 – Setting up: USB connection, H4n used as Page 35 Page 36 – Setting up: Page 37 – Setting recorddr Set input source an Recording on 4CH mo Recording in MTR mo Page 87 – Effectediting EFX module Page 91 Page 92 – A sing-along machine preparati Page 93 Page 94 – A sing-along machine recording Page 95 – Playback: Playback files stereo, 4ch a