Get this from a library! Étude et expérimentation de la commande d’un hacheur – série – parallèle. [Christian Pourny; Conservatoire national des arts et métiers. Results 1 – 6 of 6 Commande Floue D un Redresseur En Cascade Avec Un Hacheur Double Étage by Birame, M’hamed / Mokrani, Lakhdar and a great selection. Schéma de principe des convertisseurs N/A parallèles. A partir des . (2R en parallèle avec 2R est égale à R, R en série avec R donne 2R et ainsi de suite).

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Plusieurs possibilites se presentent oarallele le demarrage d’un reacteur rapide a l’aide d’uranium In the first part are presented the principles used and their ranges of validity. A general mechanism is proposed for these phenomena. Nacheur aux reacteurs nucleaires This paper reviews the experience acquired in France on the question, of reactor safety.

A, Hobart Blvd. Spatial flux instabilities, and their control in the graphite gas power reactors; Les instabilites spatiales du flux et leur controle dans les reacteurs de puissance graphite-gaz.

Hacheur (électronique)

Zerie permet de definir, en chaque point du reacteur et pour des detecteurs repondant a des neutrons de vitesse definie, des fonctions de correlation et de transfert dont les entrees sont attaquees par une meme source de bruit blanc.

Gas samples are taken from the channels of the reactor and the short lived fission products are electrostatically collected to be analysed by a phosphor parallle photomultiplier system.

Partial combustion of a fuel cartridge in reactor G1; Combustion partielle d’une cartouche de combustible dans le reacteur G 1. It is however the increase of the radioactivity in the cooling gas due to the scattering of the fission products that permits parallele signal the apparition of a crack or to follow its evolution.

The number of active sites was determined by progressive poisoning using quinoline and the activity per site was thus characterized. Pour cela ils ont prepare une serie de catalyseurs en coprecipitant de la silice et de l’alumine dans des proportions successivement egales a dix nombres regulierement espaces. La capacite des modeles a decrire le phenomene d’autoprotection, a representer les fuites neutroniques hacueur niveau d’un reseau d’assemblages combustibles et a generer des sections macroscopiques representatives est appreciee sur le domaine des reacteurs rapides innovants respectant les criteres de quatrieme generation.

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Assuming within this system a programme that provides for the construction of power reactors of a given type and capacity at specific dates, the utilization of the plutonium produced can be optimized by linear programming techniques so as to minimize the discounted total cost of the power generated over a given period. The results obtaining from three years operation of the reactors G-2, G-3 have made it possible to accumulate a considerable amount of operational experience of these reactors.


These specifications are derived from dose rates considered acceptable, hachdur the event of a serious reactor accident, for persons living near the plant, and are based on-meteorological and demographic conditions representative of the majority of the country’s sites. The aim of this article is to describe advances made in catalytic cracking since molecular sieves began being used.

A grid trap has been set right ahead the reactor. All the results seem to converge to support the idea that in all these processes, including so-called catalytic processes, most of the conversion of high-molecular-weight species resins and asphaltenes operates by a radical mechanism. A later stage consists in optimizing, by various techniques, not only the utilization but also the production of plutonium by appropriate selection of the power reactor types to be constructed. Ce rapport est une description du reacteur Pegase, afin d’examiner la surete des installations.

C’est cependant l’augmentation de la radioactivite du gaz de refroidissement due a la dispersion des produits de fission qui permet de signaler l’apparition d’une fissure ou de suivre son evolution.

Forge Europa Limited Site: A review is made havheur the st which favor a good collection of maintenance data at the C. The electrostatic collection and rotating electrode detector is described and its main uses exposed.

A description is also given of the original aspects of the reactor. Des cartes de flux ont ete dressees et une pzrallele est faite entre les produits ‘convertisseurs’ suivants: Quand, au cours de la montee des plaques, le reacteur passe par le regime critique reactivite nulleon constate que la puissance atteinte est independante de la reactivite initiale. An experimental verification was carried out for the case of fission neutrons filtered by a substantial thickness of graphite.

This survey specifies the present theories and relates to a real effective cross section and also yields to the bases of such a nuclear hqcheur.

Change of selectivity at very short residence time were also observed due to deactivation effects. III – Poison methods.

Quelques releves de flux illustrant la sensibilite de la methode sont donnes a titre d’exemple. Considering the field of fast reactors that meet criteria of fourth generation, ability of models to describe self-shielding phenomenon, to simulate neutrons leakage in a lattice of fuel assemblies and to produce representative eet sections is evaluated.


Elecsound Electronics Company Limited Site: A study of switch circuits for use as safety devices in nuclear reactors; Etude de circuits de commutation destines a la securite des reacteurs nucleaires. Le but que nous cherchons a atteindre est un investissement minimum en matiere fissile; pour cela, nous proposons d’extraire directement la vapeur dans le coeur et de recourir a un dispositif cyclone pour accelerer cette extraction; une circulation type cyclone creant un champ de vitesses tangentielles du fluide croissantes veraxe a pour effet d.

This article describes the results of a first series of research on the depollution of exhaust gases from diesel engines by catalytic mufflers. A brief description of the physical measurements in Marcoule reactors is given here. In non linear operating condition, the effect of neutron noise is defined by means of a non-linear functional, this theory is thus related to previous works the references of which are given at the end of the present report.

Further measurements were made to establish the lifetime of prompt neutrons, the effective fraction of delayed neutrons, and coefficients of reactivity.

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The analytical method employed is a differential measurement of the thermal conductivity of the gas. Numerous binary, ternary and quaternary systems of these halides with those of uranium and thorium are examined, and the physical properties, density, viscosity, vapour pressure etc Operational experience of the Marcoule reactors; Experience d’exploitation des reacteurs de Marcoule.

Since a special paper is being presented on reactors of the graphite gas type, the safety of the other types studied in France is discussed here: A short study on the technology and the economical advantage of this adjustment is presented.

Ceci permet d’utiliser la methode du deplacement pour des calculs d’attenuation de neutrons rapides dont le spectre est quelconque. Paraloele permit between other to study of kinetic problems and especially ”cybernetics” of nuclear reactors.

We also treat the technical problem of the start-up of a reactor and of the reactivity measurement. Le projet que nous etudions serje base sur l’emploi simultane d’une suspension contenant de l’uranium disperse dans l’eau legere ou lourde et de l’ebullition dans le reacteur pour l’extraction de chaleur.