Government Piratenpartei Deutschland: Grundsatzprogramm; german v1; August 10th Kindle Books. The Piratenpartei Deutschland (PIRATEN) was founded on September 10, The 40Piratenpartei Deutschland, Grundsatzprogramm der Piratenpartei. Project information. Maintainer: Piratenpartei. Driver: Piratenpartei. Licence: Creative Commons – Attribution Share Alike. RDF metadata.

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With this in mind, in a sketched future of the Germany — as well as the rest of EU — more and more IT users will be fighting to defend and promote their own digital rights and supposedly wider fractions of political scenery will address these issues.

Bei diesem Ministerialentwurf handelt es sich um Augenauswischerei. Anmeldung beim Landesvorstand Wien unter wien piratenpartei.

Parteiprogramm PPDE in Launchpad

Die Polizei hat politisch neutral zu sein und schon gar nicht ist es ihre Aufgabe, rechtsradikale Organisationen zu bewerben. Could not load more posts Maybe Soup is currently being updated? Vor dem Bundeskanzleramt, Ballhausplatz 2, Wien Zeit: In the Berlin state election, with 8.

If on the one hand the processes regarding IT have always had an increasing pace, on the other hand democracy gruundsatzprogramm a totally different timing.

Alle anderen treffen sich um Harald Bauer vinpei piratenpartei. Lass uns gemeinsam eine Politik der sozialen Verantwortung entwickeln und daran arbeiten, sie umzusetzen.



Dodgson the real name behind the pseu- pirraten Carrollstarting from Tullock to our century, the recent proposals were made, among others, by a computer scientist expert, Bryan Ford, and from a software engineer, Michael Allan.

Delegates speak and act for themselves and for those individuals who have selected them. In the attempt of comparing the Swedish and German case it has become evident how the former is innovative in regard of e-democracy and digital rights; meanwhile how the latter, the LQFB approach, is a unique — therefore almost in- comparable — process of implementing DD. Hier kommt im Gesetzentwurf wieder der Generalverdacht gegen alle und jeden zum Tragen. Log In Sign Up.

Are voters free to delegate their own voice and the votes received yet any further? Privacy of the Individual: To ensure the accountability of delegates to their vot- ers and to the community at large, all formal deliberative decisions made by delegates are public.

Die Tagesordnung findet ihr hier: In the works of these philosophers, the principal meaning of politeia appears to be: Oktoba um The page mentioned was last modified in October and is to be found at: Indeed, in a delegated voting framework, the proxy can be transi- tive and the transfer recursive.

That is a form of society where the use, manipulation, distribution, diffusion of information is a significant eco- nomic, political, and cultural activity.


For example, in some cases only grundsatzprgramm can. This means that a tool can be obtain 10 points in a specific category, if the feature is clearly documented, but yet without having it implemented.

Once data export is supported, this filter function can also be realized by an external application. A really im- portant feature is the possibility to change the proxy at any time. Delegates have further choices as to how active they are and in what areas.

Falls du Interesse hast, aktiv daran teilzunehmen, laden wir dich hiermit herzlich dazu ein. The Pirate Parties In- 20 Its influence can be seen as less than a week before the elections, the Green Party shifted their stance on copyright reform.

Ex-Piratin Weisband soll Grünen bei Digitalisierung helfen – WELT

In few years, between the time of this comparison and today, many new projects have started. Likewise voters can try to influence pirafen by their feedback or instigate a new initiative with an own proper version.

Mit einer Entspannung ist auch leider nicht zu rechnen.