The issue when converting a PDF to true grayscale. At the (change shape SVG after processing through ghostscript command of. A bit late in the day, but the top answer doesn’t work for me with a different file. The underlying problem appears to be old code in Ghostscript, for which there is a. ?id= Bug ID: Summary: Command line print in silent producing grayscale output.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I found a script here that can do this.

Making a PDF grayscale with ghostscript

You can find RPMs for it here. The underlying problem appears to be old code in Ghostscript, for which there is a later version that is not enabled by default. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

Email Required, but never shown. Sign up using Email and Password. You’re right, there’s something wrong with the script: Thanks CC, The contents of my blog are licensed under a Creative Commons license ups, I thought I had a tag somewhere, but now I only see the “Copyright c handyfloss ” at the bottom. I prefer the above to YANUB’s version below in red what he lacks, in blue what I lackbecause a shell operation is substituted by some option s of the command we are running:.


Email Required, but never shown.

[gs-bugs] [Bug 697411] – Ghostscript – Command line print in silent producing grayscale output

Hello, this is very useful; I just have to add a couple of commands to go back to the EPS format without loss of quality. I tried with Ghostscript: So I’m not sure what you actually tried but I’m guessing that you tried ghostscripy put that command into a script, script.

Following Marco’s reply, the B-W pdf isn’t good and the original file is here. Here is the full script pdf2bw. Rich 2 I couldn’t find a way to specify a threshold using ghostscript, so I resorted to imagemagick. Sorry Michael, Vrayscale don’t know how to help you.

The GEX Model – http: The tiff files must be uncompressed as input to img2pdf. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I’m able to convert it through an intermediary ps file using gs, pdftops v 0.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I want to make these true grayscale PDFs, and have the Colorspace be set to gray. Moreover, I would like to keep the text as text, without transforming the pages grayscalw in pictures. I only think it could be useful it was for me to publish this with the correct ghpstscript.

Many thanks in advance Michael. Shoaib Ghosttscript 73 1 9. Could any of you gurus help me and provide a proper ghostscript command line that does the desired job?


You have not mentioned your distribution but on Debian-based systems, you should be able to install it with sudo apt-get install pdftk You can find RPMs for it here. Handy if you don’t want to grayscale the entire pdf.

ghostscript – Convert PDF image into true grayscale? – Super User

Page 1 Page 2. Is that the entire script you ran?

Is it possible to modify the pearl script that I can use it for a bunch of pdf files and don’t have to type in every single pdf file in a folder maybe including subfolders? My shell script uses gs, convert, and img2pdf. However, my method produces results with very good image quality and much smaller file size. I would ghotscript make monochrome versions of the pictures, and name them consistently. Sign up using Facebook. Unable to convert color space to Gray, reverting strategy to LeaveColorUnchanged.

The following Python script will convert all PDF files in a directory into grayscale, if called from within that directory:. How to convert a PDF to grayscale from command line avoiding to be rasterized? Sign up using Facebook. It converts vectors to raster images.