If the system is plugged into an Ethernet network with a DHCP. The Gentoo minimal installation CD is a bootable image. Installing the Gentoo installation files. From Gentoo Wiki.

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Depending on the installation medium, the only tool necessary to download a stage tarball is a web browser. Those people should substitute defaults with noauto. As an example we mount the root partition:. Those who desire their systems to be capable of easily switching profiles should download the multilib tarball option for their respective processor architecture. Continue with Preparing the disks.

Let’s view an example:. Of course, it is also used because some people know LILO and want to stick with it.

Sometimes exotic hardware requires help to load their drivers. DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol makes it possible to automatically receive networking information IP address, netmask, broadcast address, gateway, nameservers etc. Before installing Gentoo, it is a good idea to be sure the date and time are set correctly.

The eth0 one is most likely the wired Ethernet adapter gentooo wlan0 is the wireless one. Concepts such as advanced partitioning, handbok kernel configuration, and alternate init systems are explained other areas around the wiki in publicly modifiable namespace hint: Thanks for the effort, but I’m hoping to generate a complete PDF snapshot of the current handbook.

Gentoo handbook amd64 pdf ^966^

The term install will signify the boot loader copying files or physically modifying appropriate wmd64 of the system’s disk drive in order to render the boot loader activated and ready to operate on the next power cycle. From this point, all actions performed are immediately on the new Gentoo Linux environment. Tip As seen above, full profile names can be used instead of the profile’s associated numerical value.


Gejtoo course, if that memory is suddenly needed, these pages need to be put back in memory page-in which will take a while as disks are very slow compared to internal memory.

Finally, to create the root partition, type n to create a new partition, then p to tell fdisk to create a primary partition. Note Motherboards that do not include a Real-Time Clock RTC should be configured to automatically sync the system clock with a time server.

If after booting the system we find out that the assumption about the network interface name which is currently documented as eth0 was wrong, then execute the following steps to rectify this:. Once rebooted in the freshly installed Gentoo environment, finish up with Finalizing the Gentoo installation. If the network still doesn’t work, continue with Manual network configuration.

Now test the network by pinging some Internet server like Google’s 8. Note Some tarballs are being delivered via xz compression. We will try to keep this to a minimum to avoid confusion.

During the installation, the links command can be used to browse the Gentoo handbook – of course gsntoo from the moment that the Internet connection is working. The eth0 one is most likely the wired Ethernet adapter whereas wlan0 is the wireless one.


When the Installation medium boots, it tries to detect all the hardware devices and loads the appropriate kernel modules to support the hardware. A full listing with description is available at the Kernel overview page. To find out what kernel modules are provided for networking, use the ls command:.

Handbook Talk:AMD64/Full/Installation – Gentoo Wiki

Possible classes are s for size-optimized0 zero – for no optimizations1, 2 or even 3 for more speed-optimization flags every class has the same flags as the one before, plus some extras.

Once done, it is now time to set the system-wide locale settings.

Confirm the wireless settings by using iw dev wlp9s0 link. Be sure to read through the EFI stub kernel article before continuing. This is an excellent option for the majority of installations because it provides a great amount of flexibility for customization in the future. The list of handbookk is available on the signatures page. Also in this section, observe: Set the root password using the passwd command.

Perhaps after “using the MBR format. Next select the exact processor type. At this point, it is wise to update the system’s world set so that a base can be gengoo.