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The ACR Appropriateness Criteria are evidence-based guidelines for specific clinical conditions that are reviewed every 2 years by a multidisciplinary expert panel.

In a prospective observational study, all neonates who were admitted with severe jaundice at which exchange transfusion may be indicated as per American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines had comprehensive auditory evaluation performed before discharge to home.

As digital imaging is becoming a fundamental part of medical and biomedical research, the demand for computer-based evaluation using advanced image analysis is becoming an integral part of many research projects. Standardization of blood smears prepared in transparent acetate: Although hour specific bilirubin charts are available, these have to be validated in Indian infants before they are accepted for widespread use.

An interactive video on human jugular venous pressure and the cardiac cycle. This paper presents a method to detect unlabeled malaria parasites in red blood cells.

Full text of “DTIC ADA Proceedings of the 21st Asian Conference on Remote Sensing. Volume 2”

This paper presents an image processing and analysis methodology using supervised classification to assess the presence of malaria parasites and masal the species and life cycle stage in Giemsa-stained thin blood smears. The yellow color comes from bilirubin, a byproduct of old red blood cells.


Twenty patients were selected. Adaptive and automatic red blood cell counting method based on microscopic hyperspectral imaging technology. An interactive simulation for masa equipment. An interactive bottom up approach in agricultural research the interactive bottom up approach. The energy of the star spot can be concentrated to ensure high SNR and high position accuracy. An interactive computer based tutorial for teaching uroradiology.

An interim analysis of the long-term safety, efficacy, and pattern of usage of Zolmitriptan in the acute oral treatment of migraine. The re-emergence of kernicterus in the United States is the result of interacting phenomena begjnners a Early hospital discharge before extent of jaundice is known and signs of impending brain damage have appeared ; b Lack of adequate concern for the risks of severe jaundice in healthy term and near newborns; c An increase in breast feeding; d Medical care cost constraints; e Beyinners of educational materials to enable parents to participate in safeguarding their newborns; and f Limitations within in healthcare systems to monitor the outpatient progression of jaundice.

An international study of health status, satisfaction and health service utilization for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. We envision that such a system will dramatically increase access for blood testing and furthermore, may pave the way to digital hematology.

An interspecies chain in a fowl cholera epizootic.

Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 30035

It is important to rule out thyrotoxicosis in patients with jaundice of unknown cause and consider early use of thionamides for treatment of the thyrotoxicosis, if confirmed. We present the clinical and laboratory features of three patients presenting within a year with thyrotoxicosis and jaundice and whose clinical conditions improved remarkably following treatment with thionamides. An interesting association of fossil plants from the lower Upper Carboniferous of North Rhine-Westphalia.


An interesting case of albinism in Arius jella Day from India. An interlaboratory comparison of techniques for the measurement of digoxin in serum. An interleukin-4 promoter polymorphism and serum IgE in Japanese. Acute viral hepatitis is the most common cause of jaundice in pregnancy. Travassos, Lauro Filho, Variable electronic shutter in CMOS imager with improved anti smearing techniques.

Use of CNN operating on focus stack for the detection of malaria is first of its kind, and it not only improved the detection accuracy both in terms of sensitivity [ Image classification of unlabeled malaria parasites in red blood cells.

Recent studies have linked mild bilirubin-induced neurological dysfunction BIND with a range of neurological syndromes, including attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR of the liver showed an cm mass centered on the hilum, dilated intrahepatic bile ducts, involvement of the hepatic veins, and hilar adenopathy.

blood smear images: Topics by

Finally, ufzzy attempt is made to correlate modern diseases with the Hippocratic types of jaundice. Personal identification based on blood vessels of retinal fundus images. An interpretation of cation exchange by alumina. Amaral, Afranio Do, An international system of botanical districts. Kernicterus, a preventable injury to the brain from severe neonatal jaundicehas re-emerged in the United States as a public and societal health concern.

By illuminating the cortex with laser light and imaging the resulting speckle pattern, relative CBF images with tens of microns spatial and millisecond temporal resolution can be obtained.