Fariduddin Attar. likes. Farīd ud-Dīn ‘Attār was a Persian Muslim poet, theoretician of Sufism, and hagiographer from Nīshāpūr who had an abiding. Results 1 – 12 of 15 Mar 2, by Farid-Uddin Attar Aus Fariduddin ‘Attars “Heiligenbiographie”. by Fariduddin Attar and Annemarie Schimmel. Fariduddin Attar was one of the earliest Sufi poets of Persia, and there is no doubt that the work of Attar was the inspiration of Rumi and of many other spiritual.

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Attar of Nishapur

Almost all the great teachers of the world, when they have pointed out the right way to seeking souls, have had to adopt a symbolical form of expression, such as a story or a legend which could give a key to the one who is ready to understand and at the same time interest the one who is not yet ready.

Forthwith, the Sheikh set out on the way towards Roum to meet her; his disciples essayed to stop him and said, “Was thy repentance not real?

In the Sixth Valley, the Valley of Amazement, man recognizes and understands what is beyond all things, the reason of all reasons, the cause of all causes; for all intuition and power develop in man with this unfoldment. If after dying a thousand deaths we still live, then there is nothing in the world to be afraid faridudxin.

A butterfly was sent to a neighbouring house, and he perceived the flame of the candle which was burning within. None could survive his absence patiently, None could endure this king’s proximity- How strange it was that man could neither brook The presence nor the absence of his look!


AṬṬĀR, FARĪD-AL-DĪN – Encyclopaedia Iranica

As a child, as a youth, as a grown-up, whatever stage of life one has reached, love is always asked variduddin and love always has its part to perform.

The Beloved is seen in all things, and then the bowl of poison given by the Beloved is not so bitter. As sources on the hagiology and phenomenology of Sufism, however, his works have immense value.

He does not like it, but he cannot live without it. By the odour of Love every atom in the world is intoxicated.

As to the others, in spite of their dismay, they consented to commence the journey. It is to be regretted that he hardly ever names his sources.

Encyclopædia Iranica

August 17, This article is available in print. In loving our friend, in loving fariruddin neighbor, even in the love that one shows to one’s enemy, one is only loving God. This contained a list of all the sins which the birds had committed against the Simurgh.

The story of his death illustrates in a striking way the indifference to external things cultivated by the Sufis. We have denied ourselves all rest to follow the road that leads to Him. The part and whole are lost in thy essence. In the morning the young Christian came out, and seeing that he had not left, understood that he was in love.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy Add Comment. They were so terrified by the discourse of the hoopoe that a great number died on the spot where they were assembled. There is only one thing in the world that shows the sign of heaven, that gives the proof of God, and that is pure, unselfish love.


Attar of Nishapur Quotes (Author of The Conference of the Birds)

There is only room for one. There thou must cast away all thy possessions and imperil all thy riches. As for me, the Church is henceforth tatar place, fariduddinn the young Christian the happiness of my life. It exists in me in such a way that the water which I hold cannot be sweet. Behold the mystery of God’s love and wisdom. December 15, Last Updated: He who has not experienced humility in life does not know its beauty. When the sanctuary of Our splendour is displayed, the careless and the slumbering are without.

A man whose eyes love opens risks his soul – His dancing breaks beyond the mind’s control. Others perished on the peaks of high mountains, devoured by thirst and a prey to all kinds of ills. This means also to see one’s Beloved in everyone, even in one’s enemy. He is not living, he cannot enjoy this life for he cannot express himself and he cannot see the light and life outside.

Out of this disposition of mind, which no longer feels the need of anything, there rises a tempestuous hurricane, every blast of which annihilates whole kingdoms.