Within “The Pain Scale” Eula Biss uses different concepts to relate to the reader her confusion about the pain scale used in hospitals today that. “On a scale of zero to ten, ten sending you to the emergency room, how bad is your As Eula Biss says in her essay “The Pain Scale,” “Zero doesn’t behave like. The Pain Scale. Eula Biss · English. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article. Language, English. Journal, Harper’s. State, Published – Jun

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Eula also utilizes mathematical concepts such as calculus and prime numbers to express her thoughts. Dragged over gravel behind a fast truck?

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Further on, she uses the example of pain to express the reason why zero is a nonexistent number: Due to this difference in scale range and fixed points, she feels that she cannot base her pain on a scale because she feels that it is not accurate enough. She throws in subtle humor along with hard facts to make this a very light, fun read as she travels up the scale and back down again in paln circular story.

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For example pain that might be intense for her might be very minor or even unnoticeable to her father. With a stubbed toe? She does this to provide evidence to back up her thoughts; Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and polymath.

The Pain Scale

But Anders Celsius, who introduced the scale inoriginally fixed zero as the point at which water boiled, and one hundred as the point at which water froze. Biss is hysterical, yet serious as she makes pajn story relatable to the reader, and her subtlety is key within her humor.

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This bsis of zero makes her worried and hesitant to how she should rate her pain.

“The Pain Scale,” from One to Five | hashtagoctothorpe

The reason behind her bringing in her reputation, which is still unclear, is too make the reader think about how their pain scale would be laid out. Throughout the text she explains her relationship with her father, who is a physician, and how that affected how she feels about certain types of pain and how he changed her idea of pain. Not only do her details piece together imagery, but they bring together a final image that was perhaps unexpected, one with a twist.

Absolute zero is the temperature at which molecules and atoms are moving as slowly as possible.

This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Twitter account. From there, Eula discusses the Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin temperature scales.

If you have a Digication account, you may log in below: I agree with her point here because scales do need a fixed point but what confuses me is why she questions it. Therefore, when she compares her thoughts with those of a Greek philosopher it gives the impression that she is correct. While reading the essay it feels like she does not actually have a thesis that she wants to explain to the audience. The essay could be considered as a mixture of her thought; she includes different aspects of life, math, pain, personal experiences, feelings, history and literature.


She has a problem that she reveals deeper into the text; her back is too straight which has been causing her pain for a while now. Email Address never made public.

However, after analyzing the essay again I think what she was trying to explain to the audience is that we cannot base our thoughts and feelings around what people say the limits are. Email required Address never made public. Biss is very philosophical and makes the reader think along with her as she details and questions the assumed pain for each digit, or lack thereof. Apin are zeroes beneath zeroes. The lower fixed point, zero, is the coldest temperature at which a mixture thd salt and water can still remain liquid.

Euclid proved the number of primes to be infinite, but the infinity of primes is slightly smaller than the infinity of the rest of the numbers. But even at absolute zero, their motion does not stop completely. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Absolute zero is degrees Celsius colder than the temperature at which water freezes.

Eula points out distinct problems with each scale and their use of zero. Zero, on the Celsius scale, is the point at which water freezes. This takes me back to my first theory about how we cannot base our feelings around what people say the limits are.