L utilisation d’une électrode à anneau tournant a permis d’obtenir la totalité de la relation J(E) entre la densité de courant J et le potentiel électrode tournante. ETUDE VOLTAMMETRIQUE DE LA REDUCTION DES IODATES A UNE ELECTRODE TOURNANTE DE PLATINE Par J. BADOZ-LAMBLING et C. GUILLAUME. Chem Instrum – Margarit J, Lévy M () Étude theéoretique d’une électrode tournante á double anneau. Partie I. Recherche du facteur d’efficacité.

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Skip to main content Skip to secondary menu. In general, in an electrochemical experiment, it is always ideal to maintain as much isolation between the DC Common, the earth ground, and the instrument chassis as possible. Do not use or attempt to rotate an electrode tip that has been dropped or otherwise physically damaged.

Apply a small amount of a silicon-based grease to the top of the shaft before installing the shaft into the motor coupling. The portion of the shaft between the two insulating spacers provides electrical contact with the disk electrode. If the two banana jacks are shorted together i.

Larger cells may be clamped using a large diameter column clamp see Figure 4. If the cell cables from the potentiostat also terminate with banana plugs, then these plugs can simply be inserted directly into either end of the jumper cable.

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The drive line carries current while the sense line measures the potential. The second important connection that is frequently but not always necessary is to connect the potentiostat to the earth ground see Figure 4.

Users wishing to rely upon this information should consult directly with the source of the information. Inspect the electrode tip to be certain that it is not damaged.


The small tab on the banana stud provides a good place to attach the alligator clip. The motor control cable may be routed out of the top of the enclosure to connect the motor unit to the control unit see Figure 4. It is often easier to remove or install a shaft by disconnecting the motor control cable and inverting the entire motor unit on the center post.

The rotator may be placed in a glove box when working with air or moisture sensitive compounds. After the cell has been mounted and the electrode has been lowered into the cell, securely mount the enclosure by hooking the eledtrode to the four pins on the enclosure base see Figure 4.

Moteur de recherche d’électrode

Do not turn on the rotator or rotate the electrode shaft if the shaft is not securely mounted in the motor coupling. Always begin each session using the rotator with the power turned off and the rotation rate control knob in the fully counterclockwise position. If left ungrounded, these metal objects may act as a source of environmental noise in the measured signals from the electrochemical cell.

If the cell cables from the potentiostat terminate with alligator clips, then the easiest way to connect such alligator clips is to first insert a banana stud connector into the jumper cable see Figure 4.

In the context of an electrochemical experiment involving a rotating electrode, the DC Common also known as the signal ground elecyrode signal common is the zero voltage reference point used by the signal measurement or waveform generation circuitry in the potentiostat and the rotation control circuitry in the rotator. MSR Rotator — Operation.

If electrlde tip cannot be removed from a shaft by hand, then contact the factory for further instructions. In addition, the vertical position of the motor unit is easily elwctrode. Such isolation increases flexibility when working with electrochemical cells that may contain earth grounded components.


These doors are securely latched during rotator operation and push two pairs of contact brushes against the rotating shaft. Usually, it is easier to mount and clamp the cell in a fixed vertical position.

Appareils d’Analyse et Mesure en Electrochimie – OrigaLys

When properly mounted in the rotator, the upper of the shaft is inside the motor unit, while tournatne remaining length of the shaft extends down below the motor unit. Connection of Counter and Reference Electrodes. Do not lose the white plastic washer on the door latch. Damage will occur if the rotating shaft or tip abrades against these walls. Note that the enclosure has small openings near the bottom which permit cell connections, purge gas tubing, and coolant to be carefully routed to the electrochemical cell from locations outside the enclosure.

This helps to prevent the shaft from sticking in the coupling. The fully counterclockwise position corresponds nominally to a rotation rate of zero. The jumper cables used to short tournange opposing brushes feature stackable banana plugs.

Do not use an electrode shaft which appears to wobble, vibrate, or tilt away from the axis of rotation while rotating. The cell platform and clamp positions allow adjustment of the vertical position of the cell with tournane to the motor unit.

Do not use an electrode tip which appears to wobble, vibrate, or tilt away from the axis of rotation while rotating. The tournaante important connection is to ground any metal clamps or cell supports near the electrochemical cell see Figure 4.