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The lover was in a great forest, where he was searching for his beloved; and he met truth and falseness who were arguing about his beloved, since truth praised him and falseness blamed him.

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The lover found his beloved; he asked him where he had been. Sospirs e plors vengren a jutjament a l’amat e demanaren-li per lo qual se sentia amat pus fortment. He answered it was solitude in the courage of the lover, who thinks of nothing but his beloved. And when the lover went back to the company of the people, he was deserted by all the above mentioned things, and he was alone among the people.

The lover was told that if corruption, which is against being inasmuch as it is against generation, which is against no-being, were eternally corrupting the corrupted, it would be impossible for either no-being or end to agree with corruption or the corrupted.

In the secrets of the lover the secrets of the beloved are revealed, and in the secrets of the beloved the secrets of the lover are revealed.

The lover woke up and love was revived in the thoughts tha the lover sent to his beloved. And the lover asked him how he had known him. Contemplant l’amic son amat, s’assubtilava en son enteniment, e enamorava’s en sa volentat. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. He replied it was because of love, who was between them.

Demanaren a l’amic si camiaria per altre son amat. Pereix l’amic en la mar, e en son perill pereixen sos turments e neixen sos compliments. Respongueren-li dient quan fo aquella hora que son amat fo absent a sos ulls mentals. And it was wondered for which of the two reasons the beloved most strongly forgave the faults of his lover.

He answered that he would love so that he would not die, since loathing is death, and love is life. The lover was going through a strange land where he planned to find his beloved, and along his way he was assailed by two lions. And what is this thing you are brooding over, so thoughtful? The lover, who had worked hard to search for his beloved, felt sleep coming to him; and he feared he might forget his beloved.


Then they asked him when it was that his beloved was absent to his eyes of the mind. The beloved answered the lover, and he said that without such habits and nourishments his name would not be written in the book where all who come to eternal blessing are inscribed, and whose names are deleted from the book where those who go to eternal damnation are inscribed. And the lover preferred to be blamed and told off, than to be any of the false accusers.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The beloved became absent to his lover, and the lover searched for him with his thoughts; and he asked for him to the people with language of love.

The lover’s bed was between trouble and pleasure: Love tormented the lover, and he cried and moaned from the torment. The lover rejoiced and took pride in the noble works of his beloved; he languished in deep meditation and thought.

The beloved bought with his virtues a slave man who llneguatge subjected to worries, sorrows, sighs, and plants; and he asked him what he ate and what he drank. The lover was writing these words: Our Lady and the angels and the saints prayed of glory to my beloved; and when I remembered the error the world is in because of ignorance, I remembered well the great justice of my beloved and the great ignorance of his enemies.

But it was not known where; however, he knew his beloved is in his remembrance. The lover llemguatge to proceed to the ultimate purpose why he loved his beloved, and the other goals became and encumbrance to his passage; whereby, long desires and thoughts gave the lover sadness and grief.

So much did the lover cry and call his beloved, till the beloved descended from the subleme heights of the Heavens, and he came to Earth to weep and to lament, to die for love, and to nurture men into loving, knowing, and praising his honors.

The llehguatge lost a jewel that he dw much liked; and he was distressed until his beloved posed him the question of which thing was the most profitable to him: There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

The lover’s willpower loved herself, and intelligence asked her if she was most similar to her beloved in loving herself or in loving her beloved, for her beloved loves himself better than anything else. The lover replied he had known him in remembrance, in understanding, and in his will, which were multiplied as soon as he had been present to his corporal eyes. The beloved came to stay in his lover’s lodging, and the lover made him a bed of thoughts; and he served him sighs and plants.


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And the conditions for the beloved are that he be truthful, generous, compassionate, and just to his lover. The lover had fear of death, for he wished to live to serve his beloved; and he sent his memories to his beloved, so that love would be present in his passing away and could better overcome death. The lover praised the power, the knowledge, and the will of his beloved, which had created everything except for sin; which sin would not exist without the power, the knowledge and the will of his beloved; which sin is not brought about by neither the power, nor the knowledge, nor the will of his beloved.

And it is wondered what each of the four signs mean to the lover who is searching his beloved. The sign of the beloved appears in the lover who, because of love, is in grief, sighs, tears, concerns, and in the scorn of the people. He wept for the dishonor given to the beloved in the loveless death of that man, and asked that man why he was dying without love; and he said it was because nobody had taught him about love, and nobody had fed him to be a lover.

He answered that shame without sin is due to failure of love, in those who do not know how to love. You are high, my beloved, in your highness, to which you exalt my will, which is exalted in your exalting with your highness, which exalts in my remembrance my understanding, which is exalted in your exalting to come to know your principles, so that its love may be exalted by the will and memory may have it in high remembrance. One day the lover forgot his beloved, and another day he remembered he had forgotten him.

The lover met with a squire who was going in deep thought and who was lean, discolored, and poorly dressed; and he greeted the lover wishing him to be led by God to find his beloved.

The beloved asked his lover: They asked him why.