The government appointed the Eiselen Commission whose terms of reference were to inquire into and to report on all aspects of native. Werner Willi Max Eiselen (–) was a South African anthropologist and linguist. He was an ally and associate of Hendrik Verwoerd, the Minister of Native Affairs from – and the Prime Minister of South Africa from – He led the Eiselen Commission, an advisory board that investigated native. The Eiselen Commission was responsible for developing the guidelines for the creation of native schools, designing the appropriate curriculum, and ultimately.

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University of Cape Town. Eiselen promoted the idea that it is imperative and should possibly be compulsory commjssion the Bantu people in particular learn their own languages.

W.W.M. Eiselen | South African anthropologist |

Older students had the opportunity to further their education not in traditional universities but in training schools, where they would be introduced to more industrial training in preparation for their future occupations. White South Africa is numerically not strong enough to absorb and can therefore only choose between being absorbed or surviving by the maintenance of separate communities.

Thus, training schools were encouraged to convince their apprentices to return to the Bantu people at eselen end of their training. The preservation commidsion culture in different locations reserves was of primary importance to him.

Kuyper for a New Century. The formulation commissiln the principles and aims of education for natives as an “independent race”, in which their past and present, their inherent racial qualities, their distinctive characteristics and aptitude, and their needs under the ever-changing social conditions are taken into consideration.

About the beginning of the hermeneutics of the self: Its membership comprised less than and included several Cabinet Ministers and a number of leading Nationalist Members of Parliament. Eiselen’s books and works were commonly cited by the National Party and pro-apartheid South Africans, and he is sometimes referred to as an “intellectual architect” of the system.


The state has to ensure that each sphere operates within its proper scope and does not interfere with another. Open and closed minds?

Eiselen report Paper

Although several new colleges and universities came into existence in terms of the apartheid framework such as the University of the North, the University of Zululand, and the University of the Western Cape. Language instruction from primary to level eight was provided in the vernacular, followed by Afrikaans, which became mandatory in secondary school Your email address will not be published.

Towards the end of the s the Afrikaner Broederbond had shifted to become a Christian-national organisation which resisted any form of “samesmelting” amalgamation between the English and Afrikaners, and it succeeded in asserting itself as the institutional and intellectual core of the nationalist movement Dubow, He further mentions that any functional group which differentiates itself from a given population will be inclined to develop a specialised language and common culture, a notion that raised questions amongst many anthropologists Gordon, I argue that Eiselen’s personal ideological background was a form of knowledge and power that played a significant role in the legitimation and reproduction of the apartheid government’s social order.

The National Party believed that schooling was essential to promoting sovereignty.

Eiselen was fluent in a number of African languages and studied a number of South Africa’s native tribes. Services on Demand Article.

Their discipline was called “volkekunde” Gordon, eislen These authorities had no real authority and were predominantly advisory bodies Horrel, The “sphere sovereignty” doctrine promotes the view that commission life is eieelen into distinct spheres”, each featuring “institutions with authority structures specific to those spheres” Wolterstorff, Segregation in South Africa had existed in history as a matter of custom and practice but afterit was enshrined in various legislative frameworks Soudien, Both Afrikaans and English ethnologists in South Africa were required to study some of the German classics at one time or another.


Because only a small number of black students matriculated to Standard VI, large numbers of students exiting Bantu schools were left with a very limited understanding of the world around them. A Centennial Reader 1. A Communist Party Pamphlet.

Max Eiselen – Wikipedia

Bantu education was justified by the Dutch governmental spokesperson at the time, Dr. In his capacity as the Secretary of Bantu Administration and Development, Eiselen established Regional and Commisssion Authorities whose main function was to advise or make representations to the Minister on matters pertaining to: As a South African of European descent, closely connected earlier with the Bantu through mission endeavour, anthropological and linguistic research and also in the field of education, and now associated just as intimately with the moulding of our State policy and its translation into administrative practice, I naturally look at our problems from within and not in the detached manner of an indifferent outside observer Eiselen, Eiselen as a Broederbonder.

The curriculum as designed by the apartheid government had a highly influential hand in the production of unenthusiastic and apathetic students. After giving this matter much thought, I regretfully came to the conclusion that in order to achieve the latter aim the mission bodies would have to surrender their management of schools to Local Bantu Authorities truly representative ofthe entire community Eiselen, Although “Volkekunde” as a teaching subject was introduced at one Afrikaans university in the commissiln, it did not spread widely until the s.