(a) DW/ Specification for sheet metal ductwork (low-medium- and high pressure) .. Air leakage of the assembled unit shall be to HVCA Standard DW/ Duct Work Construction to DW/ DW/ is recognised throughout the UK as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation. “It will be. DW/ Specification for. Sheet Metal Ductwork. Low, medium and high has gained national and international recognition as the industry standard.

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The tested duct assembly is judged against five performance criteria.

Information concerning fire protection systems is laid down in BS Code of Practice for the fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings.

Design Notes for Ductwork TM A fixing must be made in such a way that it cannot become loose or pull out through normal stressing or through normal changes in the building structure. Availability varies according to type of substrate and coating, so prospective purchasers should confirm the sizes available for the specific type required. Particular care must be taken in the sealing of these joints.

More specific detail is then required on specific sstandard, some of which are as follows: The new regulations combine the Construction Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations and CDM into one single set of regulations which introduce some important changes to the safety regime. Information on the regulations dww144 available at government websites as is Approved Document B.

We firmly believe that this process has resulted in a publication that clearly demonstrates the high level of professionalism which exists within the ductwork community — and we take this opportunity of thanking all those who have contributed to its production.

The HSE maintain a national registration scheme of safety consultants. Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Fire dampers must have an ES classification for the protection of escape routes. The information on which this Appendix is based has been supplied mainly by Tata Steel www. Test results achieved for horizontal ducts A and B are applicable to horizontal ducts only.


Fire resistant ductwork covered by Product Standard prEN will Within F of the standard is qualified t require mandatory mark. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Further, unless the system designer has specified his requirements in detail, the sstandard to be carried shall be understood to be limited to the ductwork and its associated thermal insulation. Swimming pool buildings have the additional complication of a large variations in conditions which can exist in a pool environment.

Additional protection from the application of suitable paint finishes can also prolong the ductwork systems life and improve the aesthetics of the installation.

However, advice on specific corrosion risks should be taken if the ductwork is to be installed in a chemically contaminated atmosphere, or is to be wd144 to transport contaminated air, particularly if there is a risk of internal condensation. If the basements are compartmented each separate compartment must have a separate outlet and have access to ventilation without having to gain access, stndard.

Legislation and accountability for Fire Safety Products is a critical aspect in the manufacture of fire resisting ductwork and this section must be read in conjunction with Appendices L and M and Commentary and Guidance Note 5.

Hygiene, health and the environment. Used for simple operations and designed up to mm on the longest side. Procedures for the selection of all employees and sub-contractors need to be set down with requirements for items such as personnel protection equipment, skill cards, method statements, risk-based assessments, insurances and the safety document.

W M t F marking info Below is a typical example of1the marking information to appear on all duct sections. Dampers that are designed to fail open using a thermal operating element at the outside of the building or in a collection area may be used, noting that once this device has operated, the unit ceases to be under the control of the system as its action may not be reversed by the system. Appendix B, Clause B.


DW standard – Pro-Duct Clean

The CPR aims to remove technical barriers to trade for construction products across Europe. Ducts smaller than these dimensions are, for access purposes, to be fitted with either flexible ductwork connections or removable duct sections. Under the new CDM Regulationsclients must take reasonable steps to ensure that: Fig marked by 1 July Fire resistance tests for service installations. The use of third party certificated products and installers is clearly recommended.

Heat Metering TR The Director is not usually responsible for the physical updating of company knowledge on legislation, more often this is the role of a safety professional.

It is expected that any other abbreviations used are separately defined when used in specifications, drawings, etc. If selected for the protection of escape routes or sleeping risk areas they must have an ES classification.

Fixing bolts required at each corner and at mm centres. Having considered the scope and the design of the ductwork system relative to the guidelines outlined in J.

Don’t Forget – TR/19 states that you will need a

In describing flat oval ductwork, the major axis is referred to as the width W and the minor axis is referred to as the depth D For tie rod requirements see Tables 13 and See Part Sgandard, Section Classes then increase 1 to 4 with Class 4 being the most leak-tight. These are formed by the interaction of chlorine-based pool disinfection chemicals and organic compounds from bathers, notably sweat and urine.

With the correct choice of resin, fibreglass reinforcement can be applied to provide the following: Galvanizing after manufacture is, however, an acceptable protective finish for external ductwork exposed to atmosphere.

It is recommended that a safety factor of 5 to 1 be added to calculations for attachments to the structure BS EN