So since I did a layout for the Tubeworks I thought to myself if it’s basically a tube pre-amp I Layout Dumble Overdrive Special 70’s. The Dumble Overdrive Special has been one of the “Holy Grail” guitar . Here’s a layout for the Overtone Special 50 (A Dumble Overdrive. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, Dumble Champ Schematic. Dumble- ( kB, x – viewed 49 times.).

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Jon Fisher 30 Mar Here you will find all the info on my various DIY Guitar effects builds, amplifiers and guitars. Howard soon became known as an electronics master, and his high end clientele gained him a reputation as the “reclusive amp tech to the stars”.

Guitar FX Layouts: June

Only members may post files here. There are certain commonalities across all ODS amplifiers. Not quite as “touch” sensitive as a Trainwreck, but damn close!

Just come back here with the questions and they will be answered quickly and efficiently. I,m sure it’s not the jazz dymble many are looking for but man it sounds good. However, most ODS overdrive channels have a large amount of tube distortion available if so desired. The layout should be small enough to give you plenty of room in a BB. Also, you will find a forum topic specifically for the D’Lite project here: Along with an airbrake. I’m asking because I’ve been asked if I have an amp that will sound good dujble low volumes.


I thought that maybe a 6V6 Dumble could do the trick? Supposedly, Dumble thought Ford sounded so good, and while contemplating his sound had the revelations that led him down the path that eventually birthed the original Overdrive Special. The Signal Pad is a passive attenuator that allows you to instantly switch to a different preset volume. This means that the clean channel tone stack and gain stages “cascade” into the gain stage of the overdrive channel, causing the clean channel to become “overdriven”.

One such application of this was in the Urei LN version C. After he was lent an amplifier it wasn’t for sale he “was hooked for life.

Dumble amps information archive

Newer Post Older Post Home. Dumble also made a tube-buffered external effects loop called a Dumbleator. Its EQ is generally considered to be relatively flat internally, but this becomes extremely malleable through the controls provided on the front panel and dumbl overall responsiveness.

Much dumhle the company’s PR over the years has been word of mouth. Fewer than 12 of the original Steel String Singers have been accounted for. The latter won’t give up the harmonics at lower settings but you can play with out the neighbors beating on the door.

Every SSS has special high and low cut filters that dumblw the overall tone late in the circuit. These models amount to general circuit styles and chassis layouts:.


You have the frequencies there for your use. This is easily Dumble’s most popular model, and subsequently is the most frequently seen. This was the most expensive amplifier on Dumble’s amplifier price sheet in the 90s. On the other hand, even among the many 6L6 versions of the ODS, there are considerable variations. Firstly, the ODS amps are known for their harmonic richness in the overdrive channel breakup, and dumhle “open-ness” in the clean channel. For example, some have a clean channel that stays clean “all the way up to 10” referencing a gain potentiometer laylut from 1 – Miro posted a layout awhile ago for the Hot Silicon, which is pretty much the same, the difference being the trimmer off the gain control abuse which lets you set the gain rather then having a set resistor.

So since I did a layout for the Tubeworks I thought to myself if it’s basically a tube pre-amp I thought why couldn’t the tone stack be rumble to that of some legendary amps. You can always check my ebay account to see what I’ve got up for grabs. Anonymous 23 Feb ,