Niels Aalberts, Andrew Dubber and Marco Raaphorst He will be releasing his book “Doorbraak” (Breakthrough) on February 11th, both detailing the story. investigate and tryout the potential of these new developments (like we did for instance together with Niels Aalberts for his book Doorbraak!. Niels Aalberts., Self employed consultant at Utrecht, The Always those damn ( copy)rights 4. Thank you.

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Someone Else’s Party In our conversation, Niels Aalberts named a particular concept which I feel would be particularly useful here. Technically, this would fall under the promotion part of the marketing mix, but I aaalberts the word ‘promotion’ has some negative connotations. An example of a band with a lot of teenage fans was mentioned in the conversation with Niels Aalberts.

Obviously, Simon Posford, the main person behind Shpongle and owner of the Twisted Music label, was very unhappy about this and lashed out:. Also, it tries to unite the fans and give them a purpose; a mission. Make sure they stick together as a group. There are even a bunch of tribute videos and remixes out there yes, every one of those words links nils a unique video, have fun.

People love accomplishments, individually or in groups, if only for the little dopamine rewards our brains release.

Later on in the topic, which currently carries over replies, fans started to suggest ideas to Simon. This sums up what the ecosystem is and how it basically works, but how does one maintain the ecosystem?

The most important thing for getting discovered is thus being everywhere easy to come across and being easy to share.

Jim and his wife Wilma are now the proud parents of Tessel. He got understandably emotional, but misdirected his anger towards perhaps the most dedicated fans: Go check it out www. He understands that having fun with your fanbase and spending a little money on it can be much more important than telling them to buy your music or spamming them aaberts marketing messages later on, there is another deadmau5 case-study where you can see what his feelings on that are.


This is why the non-linear peer-to-peer communication should be enabled as soon as possible.

doorbraak niels aalberts pdf free – PDF Files

The clearest reasons to buy in this mailing are the mission to get one of the label’s artists to number 1, as well as all the rewards for pledging money for the new album.

Tech blogs, such as TechCrunch, use the word all the time, but are usually doorbraaak to the developer or business-to-business side.

About this, aforementioned Gerd Leonhard told me this:. Gerben did all the cool programming stuff. In his thesis about the new music industry, music technology student Alexander Mooij introduces interesting concepts by Kevin Kellya former editor of Wired magazine.

Doorbraam to hear the pre-performance interview and the live recording? Respondents that claimed they were discovering new music via the internet were then asked how they do that exactly. One user even used the game’s tools to make a cover of a song by deadmau5, which deadmau5 then shared with over 2 million of his fans.

The best parties are not the parties with a hundred thousand euro marketing budget that nobody talks about? The strategy here is simple, yet complex.

This is where full circle is reached, because not only does this lead to retention, but it also causes the retainees and influencers within the network to let the ecosystem grow. Montgomery Hughes Our 1st album Hm! Check our tour page for details!

Als je ook nog wil begrijpen wat de roze sportkrant over ons te melden heeft, lees dan onderstaande vertaling. Er zijn tentoonstellingen en demonstraties voor kinderen, spektakels en nog veel meer.

EHPO – Lilia Scheerder

You can see both videos aalbsrts. The best parties are the parties that, regardless of marketing budget, everybody is excited about. One niel he retains fans is by connecting them in a co-created world called mau5ville and being the unifying factor by regularly hanging out with them there. To put it in the words of Seth Godin, Die Antwoord is a purple cow. In an interview I’ve conducted with Gerd Leonhard for this thesis, he noted the following about getting discovered: It basically offers them a reason to do it for themselves, instead of telling them to please buy a CD because the label needs it see forum post.


That’s a great way to open a newsletter. Since 2AM doesn’t see itself as producing music for any specific niche, the goal for 2AM is doorbeaak move up the long tail as far as possible.

Make sure all late-adopters can see what fun the early adopters are having.

In an interview Niiels conducted with Gerd Leonhard for this thesis, he noted the following about getting discovered:. A good illustration of why it is important to stay consistent is an incident which took place on aforementioned deadmau5′ Facebook fanpage. The solution is, like the research topic of this thesis, two-fold. Instead of making a lot of songs, then releasing them over one or two years and then having to go into the studio, one can just publish the songs when they’re done.

Thanks a lot, whoever it was Personally, I believe this shows the limits of a survey, because it all depends dootbraak how good consumers are in predicting the behaviour that marketeers try to influence.

doorbraak niels aalberts pdf free

We’ve also got two new tracks of Younger Brother and Shpongle available as aalbertss free download, keep reading to find out how to get hold of them. Renner-acteur Als jullie willen weten waar het over gaat: They will drive miles to see you sing. The most important outtake is that people have different desires and different ways of discovery.