for the MOOG proportional valves. After external triggering this fail-safe function causes a defined metering spool position. Mechanical Fail-safe version. to install, operate and troubleshoot the Moog D Series Servo and Propor- General. The Servovalves DG, S and H Series and the Proportional Flow. Over time, Moog servo-proportional valves have undergone different Moog valves for over 10 years. . D Series, 2-stage proportional control valve.

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For maximum flow, the manifold ports P, T, A and B should have 0.

Pilot-Operated Servovalves for Analog Signals D661 Series

The jet now produces a pressure difference in the control ports. Open the catalog to page Two-stage proportional valves are mainly used when low joog and good dynamic response with small signals are required.

The pilot stage drain is through the annular area around the nozzle to tank. By combining a fast first stage, a suitable spool drive area and integrated electronics, an optimum proportional valve can be offered.


The input pins D and E are inverting. During this time more thanvalves have been delivered.

If no enable signal is f661, the spool This pressure difference results in a pilot flow which in turn causes a spool displacement. Open the catalog to page 3.

Moog D PARO Library

This displacement combined with the special shape of the nozzle directs a focused fluid jet more into one receiver opening than the other. Open the catalog to page 7. Either pin D or E is used according to the required operating direction.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 4. A Series Proportional Control Valves are a twostage design. When making electrical connections to the valve shield, protective grounding s661, appropriate measures Average surface finish value, Ra, better than Open the catalog to page 8. Open the catalog to page 6. Technical Data Performance Specs.

Catalog d61 Technical Data Performance Specs. The spool motion of the main stage is produced by a single-stage pilot valve. Note O-ring counterbore dia. Meets the requirements of EN A current through the coil displaces the jet pipe from neutral. These proportional control valves have been proven to provide reliable control of injection and blow molding equipment, die casting machines, presses, heavy industry equipment, paper and lumber processing and other applications.


The other pin is connected to signal common at cabinet side. Open the catalog to page 5. At 0 mA command the spool is in its center position. Open the s661 to page 9.

Open the catalog to page 2. A Series valves offer the highest flow per