Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne. Crystallizing Public Opinion is a book written by Edward Bernays and published in . Larry Tye, The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations; New York: Crown, ; ISBN ; pp. 96– CRYSTALLIZING. PUBLIC OPINION by. EDWARD L. BERNAYS. Counsel on Public Relations. Former Lecturer on Public Relations. andAdjunct Professor.

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The reader will recall from his own experience an almost infinite number of instances in crystalliing the amateur has been fully prepared to deliver expert advice and to give final judgment in matters upon which his ignorance is patent to every one except himself. In his own profession the skilled practitioner is sen- sitive and understanding. The NELA, now the Edison Electric Insti- tute, after having been attacked for its propa- ganda, limited itself to facts edwagd figures about the industry to reflect important public acceptance of electricity.

Third printing of the first edition.

The Fuggers had extensive trade connections throughout the civilized world, and possessed one of the largest fortunes in Europe. A distin- guished visitor from abroad, Lord Leverhulnie, became interested in the question while in this eeward and made the magazine and the article the basis of an address before a large and influ- ential conference in England.

The public, whether it invests its money in subway or railroad tickets, in hotel rooms or restaurant edwaard, in silk or soap, is a highly sophisticated body. People’s minds have “logic-proof compartments” which must be approached by means beyond the rational. Oopinion the correct group identity for the purpose at hand is much more effective than trying to change the stance of an individual group. In the closing centuries of the medieval period, two factors stimulated an increase of pamphlets, sermons and satires.


Though the first radio message was sent incrystallizinh broadcasting, as we know it, began only in Untermeyer had been counsel of the Pujo Committee which had sought in to bring the operations of the money trust ewdard public scrutiny.

The populace was given to conservatism, identifying itself unreservedly with the dramatic events enacted on the stage. Dust jacket now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover.

Another is advised to change the facade of his building to conform to a certain public taste.

But there was a more funda- mental basis for the development of public rela- tions in this period. He will have strong views upon military and naval strategy, the prin- ciples of taxation, the use of alcohol and vacci- nation, the treatment of influenza, the prevention of hydrophobia, upon municipal trading, the teaching of Greek, upon what is permissible in art, satisfactory in literature, and hopeful in sci- ence.

Judge Cardozo of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York finds the same absence of functional definition in the judicial mind. Sign In Register Help Cart.

Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

Modern America’s size and heterogeneity “make it necessary to-day for the proponent of a point of view to engage an expert to represent him before society, an expert who must know how to reach groups totally dissimilar as to ideals, customs, and even language. The term “senatus populusque romanus” which means the senate and the people of Rome, was evolved during the time of the Roman Re- public.

The acceptance of the general term re- mains, even if meanings vary. It was evident to all who saw the pictures or read the story that this king had really stirred the affectionate interest of the national elements that make up America.

So long as the press remains the greatest single medium for reaching the public mind, the work of the public relations counsel will necessarily have close contacts with the work of the journal- ist. Fewer trav- elers passed through New York on their way to Europe.


In this period too, advertising agencies decided to divert to themselves some of the remuneration flowing to the public relations counsel, by organiz- ing their own public relations departments to render similar services to their clients.

They do not burn mediums.

Johns-Manville had appointed a direc- tor to its board to represent the public. This eliminated the prerequisites for a public opinion capable of being wooed and won by leaders. During this period additional independent pub- lic relations counseling firms were born. They wanted every resolution and report and wanted it immediately.

George Gallup launched his American Institute of Public Opinion inthus empha- sizing a scientific approach- to questions of what the l.bernyas really thought about an idea or object.

The public relations counsel, after investigation, advised that the opinions of club women as leaders of the crystwllizing of the country should be made articulate on the question. Why is it difficult to start a new party movement — or to fight cancer? He told the jeweler about amber and provided the music lover with concerts of Lith- uanian music.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Public opinion must become public conscience. There was the use of “deadhead” privileges, i. One bank’s vice-president is its rec- ognized public relations ‘counsel. Men and move- ments whose interests will be affected by the attitude of the public are taking pains to have themselves represented in the court of public opinion by the most skillful counselors they can obtain.