Crash by Lisa McMann – If what you see is what you get, Jules is in serious trouble. The suspenseful first in a series from the New York Times bestselling author. Crash is a great, suspenseful, interesting book that always kept me hooked and wanting to keep reading. The DeMarco family, Jules, Rowan, Trey, Paula and. Parents need to know that Crash, the first installment of the Visions trilogy by popular, prolific author Lisa McMann, is narrated by a teen girl.

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It’s Dead to You all over again!!! It’s a real possibility since mental illness runs in her family and no way to know when exactly the crash will happen. They may bicker occasionally, but they are all in this weird restaurant rivalry thing liss. But Jules starts seeing this vision of a terrible explosion I wish I had eyes like that.

A crash, explosion, and nine body bags including one holding the boy she has loved her entire life, Sawyer Angotti, who also happens to be the enemy. The billboard where Jules repeatedly sees the fatal accident shows a Jose Cuervo tequila ad to everyone else.

Crash: Visions, Book 1

Feb 23, Zsa Zsa rated it it was ok Shelves: Unrequited love is a romance that always gets to me, and this one was sweet. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Her mom works hard to keep the family going, and the three siblings love each other and help each other out including covering for one another with their parents. Sequels can either make or break a series.


Lisa McMann | Books

I loved the scene in the library where she finally fights back against the girls who have made her life miserable. They were once thick as thieves growing up, having all kinds of Crash was a book I was really excited about. Trivia About Crash Visions, 1. Book 1 of Visions. I for one have read some books where the MC wasn’t likable while others I loved them. After all this creepy, you would think–or hope–that Sawyer would run screaming Not only that, but she continually stalks him and keeps trying to warn him about it.

We all have different opinions. Sawyer AngottiJules DeMarco. Jun 04, Joy joyous reads rated it really liked it. Okay, that synopsis thing just pulled me in. Jul 19, Aman rated it really liked it.

Soon she is able to figure out bh date and the time and she also learns that what she does can influence the future. Because of this, Jules and Sawyer haven’t had much contact since seventh grade. And one of those 3 stars. As in “Oh my dog!

The more she sees it, the more she starts to pick up clues and she finally decides that she has to find a way to save the nine people that she sees die, one of which is a boy she’s been in love with forever.

Crash has an entertaining protagonist named Julia or Juleswhich helped me enjoy the story, but I’m left completely unsatisfied with how the book led to the ending there has to be a word [e. It was sort of agonizing.

Crash | Book by Lisa McMann | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Thanks for reading my review! They appeared every so often in vain. It begins to consume her life until she finally gives in and figures she is meant to do something to stop this horrible tragedy from coming to fruition. I will admit to being curious about how the vision would play out in the end.


And the more she sees it, the more she sees. In fact, I had a hard time liking her in general. And retreated how families thinks about it with honesty. Everyone works in the family restaurant, which they barely managed to keep afloat, partly because her father’s mental illness.

Then you see it any flat surface you see. Over and over, Jules sees a careening truck hit a building and explode You could really tell how much they all cared about each other.

But when she finally embraces that there is something that she can do to change the future, she finds it empowering. You need to get your brain up to speed with the conversation or you’ll fall behind. It was overly dramatic and made to seem like it was something bigger than what it was. Jules is attacked while delivering pizza. For Your Family Log in Sign me up. She lives in a crazy family that owns a pizza shop. Adult issues are plentiful, e. Check out my YouTube channel: Is Sawyer any more likeable than Jules?