Special Process: Plating System Assessment. Product Code: CQI Pricing This manual includes a downloadable assessment with forms to complete the. Recently our company was asked when we will implement the CQI Plating System Assessment Program. Before we can do anything we must find out what it . The goal of the assessment is the development of a plating management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the.

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All rights are preserved by AIAG, and content may not be altered or disseminated, published, or transferred in part of such content. Each alarm shall be reviewed independently for functionality if applicable. A substance having metallic properties and being composed of two or more elements of which at least one is ;lating metal.

A system shall be used by the plating facility to track calibration dates of equipment. Six Process Tables have been developed and the appropriate table s is to be referenced during the assessment. Bright Dip, Bright dipping: Redaoui Global Sales Manger Phone: An action plan shall exist to address the steps to be followed in case capability indices fall outside customer requirements or established ranges.

The FMEA shall be written for each part or part family or they may be process-specific and plxting for each process.

Training Offerings by Industry. List parameters playing were verified in this audit in the spaces provided below. Ductility by foil Decorative Test Method: Provide course at my site. Immersion of a part in a non-electrolytic acid bath to remove oxides scaledirt, tarnish films and other contaminants.


Number of “Not Satisfactory” Findings: The scope of the assessment? The facility shall have a detailed process in place to resolve receiving discrepancies.

CQI-11 Plating System Assessment

Work instructions specifically action and product segregation in the event of an addressing potential types of equipment emergencies and failures shall be accessible to and understood by equipment emergency equipment operators. Record these processes on the PSA, Page 1 6. Each participant will receive a training manual. Draft documents adopted by the technical committees are circulated to the Steering Committee for review and consensus approval.

If more than one assessor is required to meet the above qualifications, the lead assessor shall be the person meeting the requirements in 1. An AIAG publication is intended as a guide to aid the manufacturer, the consumer and the general public. Are parts packaged to minimize mixed parts parts packed over height of container?

Reduction in the normal ductility of a metal due to a physical or chemical change. Mel Zelasko – DaimlerChrysler Corp.

CQI Plating Assessment_图文_百度文库

Is all other applicable equipment maintained? The facility may have several buildings or physical locations in the same general area. Type s of Plting at this Facility: Fo rF The analysis of products and processes over time can yield vital information for defect prevention efforts.

A form of hydrogen embrittlement that may be induced in some metals by acid treatment. To ensure all customer requirements are both understood and satisfied, the organization shall have all related plating and customer referenced standards and specifications available for use and a method to ensure that they are current.


Is the handling, storage and packaging adequate to preserve product quality?

Adhesion Test Test Method: A minimum of one job audit Section 5 shall be performed during each assessment. Initial product capability studies shall be conducted for all plating processes per line as defined in scope of work and in accordance with customer requirements. Shipping Requirements Were the parts properly identified? Systdm information is not to be sold in part or whole to anyone within your organization or to another company. Seminar Materials Each participant will receive a training manual.

Methods of analysis shall include ongoing trend or historical data analysis of special product or process parameters. Is material identification part numbers, platnig numbers, contract numbers, etc. The plater should evaluate such conditions and their effect on quality.

Plating System Assessments (CQI-11)

Training shall be documented. The plater shall have reaction plans for non-conformances to process requirements.

Customer product shall be clearly identified and staged throughout the plating process. This is to contain, at minimum, requirements for quarantining material and notifying customer.