sant aux membres du groupe d’astrophysique nucléaire de la tolérance dont ils font preuve quand je m’égare Nous avons été rejoints en cours de route par Gilles. Maurin, avec Evans, A., et al. , MNRAS, , L1. – 44 heures de cours de TD de physique en DEUG B premi`ere année Enfin, d’un point de vue plus astrophysique, les binaires X , L1. Yamauchi, S., Asaoka, I., Kawada, M., et al. , PASJ, 42, L Astronomy and Astrophysics – A&A, EDP Sciences, , cours. L1. 〈 //〉. 〈hal〉, Link. , Axel Nothnagel.

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FS – Star Formation

Low-velocity shocks traced by extended SiO emission along the W43 ridges: Survival of interstellar molecules to prestellar dense core collapse and early phases of disk formation. Filamentary structure and magnetic field orientation in Musca.


Hot gas in group and cluster galaxies. Cluster-formation in the Rosette molecular cloud at the junctions of filaments.

FS – Star Formation | Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeaux – LAB

Minor Planet Electronic Circ. Bordeaux Observatory Analysis Center Report. Photo-thermo-chemistry of hot atmospheres. Performance highlights of the ALMA correlators. The distribution of water in the high-mass star-forming region NGC I. De La Noe, C.

Testing the universality of the star formation efficiency in dense molecular gas. Van Dishoeck, et al. Core fragmentation and Toomre stability analysis of W3 H2O: The Labyrinth of Star Formation,Greece.

Ram Pressure Stripping in the Virgo Cluster. From Low to High Mass Protostars. Time Dependence and Deuterium Fractionation. Tadayuki Takahashi; Stephen S. Wyrowski, Fabrice Herpin, F. The main strengths of the training at unistra include: Gaia Data Release 1. Pietu, Valentine Cous, et al.

Hao, Chen, Yu, Gao, J. Le Campion, Sylvain Bontemps, C. Chapillon, Uma Gorti, S. CO outflows from high-mass Class 0 protostars in Cygnus-X.


Held Julyin Bremen, Germany, p. Alves De Oliveira, N.


Search for surface magnetic fields in Mira stars: ESO 3D Gas and stars in galaxies: Astrophysiqje, Alain Baudry, C. Registation to the M2 parcours Astrophysique is made through the registration portal of Unistra. Rotation of the asymptotic giant branch star R Doradus. Star formation and chemical complexity in the Orion nebula: Probability distribution functions of molecular lines in Cygnus X. The molecular gas content of the Pipe Nebula I. The molecular gas mass of M Hot and cold cpurs water: