Composite Providers are used to combine multiple InfoProviders using Join or Union operations. When you use SAP BW on HANA, one of the InfoProvider. Trying to figure out how SAP BW’s relatively new virtual InfoProviders . CompositeProvider / Composite Provider – How to assign your Source. SAP BW on HANA is nothing but SAP’s existing NetWeaver BW data warehouse, editors, e.g. for the composite provider or the new query designer (planned).

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How to go Virtual in BW Part II: The HANA CompositeProvider – Just-BI

Notify me of new posts by email. When you model with fields instead of InfoObjects, these are the main performance penalties: Also, it does not let you edit the amount of space designated to measures even if you only have 1.

You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hierarchies and formatting rules. After you fill in the straightforward composlte, like name and description, you get provlder the following screen:.

August 27, at How to assign your Source fields to a Target field After assigning your fields you should see some squiggly lines connecting your Source fields to your Target fields, like in Figure 9: Please also refer to our Privacy Statement. We see that the description does not necessarily need to be the same. Grouping does not affect query performance, it only exists to organize the fields in a logical way. Source fields are automatically mapped to the same Target fields with the same data type, length and technical name.

September 2, at The result of adding the joined fields to the Target The result is in Figure Secondly, in the fifth and sixth column of Figure 18, we see the field values of all the Dancing Course Instructors.


You can execute all these actions by right-clicking a PartProvider and selecting the appropiate option from the context menu. We achieve this by first selecting the Inner Join box on the left, so the PartProviders for the Join pop-up in the Source screen in the middle. After clicking the right option, you end up at the following screen:.

Procedure to create Composite Provider

Left side of the Scenario Tab Furthermore, in the section on the left we can model a Join or a Union. How to assign your Source fields to a Target field. In the General Tab you can find query runtime settings, such as parallel processing, caching and the query read mode. In output tab we have the fields which we had selected in comoosite target area, where we assign for each the respective info objects in the association. If you have already modeled Calculation Views then using them directly in the CompositeProvider would be the preferred option if you do not want to do any further modeling based on the views in BW.

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The fields we selected will now be available for querying providerr our PartProviders will be joined at runtime. Hi Friedrich, Nice to hear that you’re using Hello Laurant, Thanks for your blog! New CompositeProvider After you fill in the straightforward stuff, like name and description, you get to the following screen: Furthermore, in the section on the left we can model a Join or a Union. But I still have some questions: Maybe you recognize this square when you look at the datasources, 3.

SAP BW on HANA – Composite Providers

We can model a Join or a Union by either right-clicking the PartProviders or the box indicating the Join or Union itself. What is the meaning of the square icon next to the image of the local composite provider lrovider RSA1?


We are running a web-service same user-id for each job against SAP HANA and are wondering if there is a way of tracking auditing the login plus the results that are being returned as an outcome for this web-service. You can find the Join Condition Fields in the Target area after selecting them. Running a query from BO Analysis. You can orovider see the properties of those fields in the Output tab. After adding the provider name, next will be the other provider which you need to join. Migrate your Composite Providers after upgrade BW7.

What are the performance penalties if you use fields instead of infoObjects, what kind of interpretation is done? Hi thanks for bbw nice explaining. Hi Pieter, thanks for sharing your knowledge here.

Now Activate the composite provider. How to create a Join Condition. To perform a Data Preview, press the button in Figure On the right, we see the Target area that will contain all the Target fields after we assign ssap Source fields.

Then select the fields you want i.

How can we tell? I would like to ask a question In Bw we would see the composite provider. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Anyways great write up, your efforts are much appreciated. Hierarchies and formatting rules 22 Jan,