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It also served as an inspiration for the portrayal of an Fercullorum Polish banquet in Pan Tadeuszthe Polish national epic.

Polish compendiu according to a German compendium Information about old Polish cuisine can be found not only in cookbooks or calendars but also in 17th and 18th …. The author was well aware that his was the first cookbook in the Polish vernacular, which he made clear in the dedication.

The entire edition was made to look just like in the 17th century. The second contains recipes for fish dishes, including one for beaver tail, which was considered a fish for the purposes of Catholic dietary law.

For example, under number 4 in chapter 1, there are three disparate recipes, one for stewed meat in saffron sauce, one for a thick sauce of sieved vegetables and one for boiled meatballsas well as a tip to add raisins only to those dishes that are meant to be sweet.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The typical features of Czerniecki’s cuisine are: Among the forgotten dishes of the old Polish cuisine, a special place was occupied by the capon, the object of …. The author claimed that a cook is a creator and an artist who thanks to his knowledge and talent creates true works of art. Above all, the pleasure that our ancestors were able to derive from everyday life in which the meals were prepared appropriately according to the best recipes, leads to great satisfaction and guarantee an unforgettable experience.


Rare-roasted meat was pierced to let the juice out. Mickiewicz, Adam [].

File:Compendium ferculorum, p 82.jpg

Czerniecki counted sugar among spices and used ckmpendium as such; his book contains few recipes for desserts, but sugar is used profusely in recipes for meat, fish and egg dishes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Polish cuisine according to Czerniecki The author of the first Polish cookbook considered himself to be an artist and literary man.

Old Polish cookbooks Cookbooks, known in Europe as handwritten collections of recipes already compenrium the Middle Ages, became popular and were printed in …. In fact, the book contains many more than three hundred recipes, as apart from adding supplements and secrets, Czerniecki left some recipes unnumbered so as not to disturb the clear structure of the work. Archived from the original on He displays an ambivalent attitude to French cookery; on the one hand, he dismisses French potagesor creamy soups, as alien to Polish culture [35] and criticizes the use of wine in cooking.

The dish with juice and valuables inside was wrapped in animal bladder and linen. Whole pike that is partly fried, partly boiled and partly baked. Different kinds of cereals and pasta are followed by an enumeration of fruits and mushrooms which may be either fresh or dried. He should be neat and tidy, with a good head of hair, well-combed, short at the back and sides; he should have clean hands, his fingernails should be trimmed, he should wear a white apron; he should not be quarrelsome, he should be sober, submissive, brisk; he should have a good understanding of flavor, a sound knowledge of ingredients and utensils, together with feculorum willingness to serve everyone.


The Sandomierz edition ofunder the latter title, was expanded with forty new recipes for sauces, gingerbread, vinegar and other condiments. This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

As the mixture expanded in heat, it produced an illusion of a whole capon fit inside a bottle. Studia i szkice o Panu Tadeuszu [ “Twelve great cantos This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Page 82 from the original edition of the cookbook Compendium ferculorum.

Abundant use of expensive spices was one compemdium to accomplish this.

Compendium ferculorum, albo Zebranie potraw – Wikidata

The instructions in Compendium ferculorum are succinct and often vague, lacking such elements of modern culinary recipes as lists of copendium used, measurements or proportions, and cooking times.

One of the most important tasks of a chef in old Poland was to take care of his master and prepare dishes that would suit his mood and condition. Who now comprehends all these, to our times quite strange, These huge platters of kontuzof arkascommpendiumAnd then cod with its odorous and rich stuffing comes, With muskcaramelcivetpine nutsdamson plums ; And those fish!

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After the gold and pearls were removed, he was given only a spoon and a half of the time-consuming preparation.