Review and Buy Clatronic – CL at the best price and offers in Dubai – UAE at Shop Air Conditioners & Coolers Online From Clatronic. CL , Remote Control. Infrared remote control fits air conditioner. Clatronic CL , CL 6 keys. Battery (s) 2 x volt AAA (not included). CL , Remote Control Clatronic CL , CL , CL , CL CL exhaust hose. Exhaust hoseforpassenf air conditioner. CL

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Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday! Please contact an authorised electrician for advice. Il climatizzatore non deve essere azionato direttamente sotto una presa. Die Digitalanzeige E zeigt die Temperatur an min. Alwa ys position the device in such a w ay that air can ent er.

You should not use any extension or replace the hose with.

If you give this clahronic to other people, please also pass on the operating instructions. Make sure that the degree of protection of the socket to.

Ziehen Sie vor der Reinigung immer den Netzstecker. Porre l’apparecchio su una base piana. Lassen Sie sich bitte von einem autorisierten Elektroinstallateur beraten.

Clatronic International GmbH – CL , Remote Control

Clatonic contemporaneamente i tasti ,” e ,” per spegnere il lampeggiamento del visore digitale. Abonneren Abonneer u voor het ontvangen van emails voor uw Clatronic cl bij: Omdat hier een handleiding wordt meegestuurd, kan het voorkomen dat de email groter is dan toegestaan bij uw provider. Prima di spostare o riporre l’apparecchio, svuotare il recipiente di raccolta della condensa al suo interno. Nel clattonic in cui il telecomando non venga utilizzato per periodi di tempo prolungati, si consiglia di estrarre le batterie allo scopo di evitare che si verifichi una fuoriuscita dell’acido delle batterie.


K eep it awa y from sources. In order to release the hose. The temperature increases or reduces. Per programmare il timer premere ripetutamente il tasto. Do not allow small children to play with it. Impor tant information f or y our cllatronic ty is specially marked.

Clatronic CL 3227 Instruction Manual: Instructions For Use; Initial Operation

This appliance is not fit for commercial use. Avvolgimento cavo Collegamento flessibile Tubo flessibile di scarico aria Anello di raccordo Scarico acqua con gommini.

Pay careful attention to the following “Special Safety Instructions”. Chiudere il vano batterie.

The following symbols are to be found on rechargeable batteries containing harmful substances: CL Alimentazione rete: Maintain a safe ty distance.

Place the appliance on smooth, level and stable work surface. Die rote Wasservollanzeige ist ausgeschaltet.

If you would like to change the room temperature using the. If the remote control is not used for a prolonged period, remove the batteries in order to prevent battery acid leaking. Beachten Sie die Gebrauchslage!


La garanzia si annulla nel caso di intervento da parte di terzi. La spia rossa indicante il livello di riempimento max.

Pericolo di corto circuito! Il filtro sottile viene inserito nella parte sinistra. Do no t use it outdoors e x cept if it is. The device should only be used in an upright position. The device will then work more effectively. Place the connection ring 11 over the exhaust air hose. Do not use any extension leads or multiple sockets, as this device is too powerful.

Clatronic CL 3227 Manuals

Die Richtung des Luftzuges ist dann konstant. Do not through the packaging away, but keep it together with. Mettere l’ clatronnic sempre in una tale posizione che l’ aria possa circolare senza impedimento. U krijgt dan ook andere vragen en antwoorden te zien.