System requirements – What’s new – Install and configure -. Important update about Citrix Receiver. Beginning August , Citrix. Mobile productivity apps (formerly XenMobile Apps).

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But the competition is likely waiting for Citrix to make a mistake, so they can jump in and lure away its customers. Citrix is, by definition, desktop and application virtualization.

Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. Relevant Relevant Recent Popular. Welcome edofs the Future of Work! Furthermore, I would not be surprised if Citrix rolls back this change after few months because of the confusion.

To be fair, Citrix was proactive and asked the community about those names ahead of time and the response was extremely clear: The solution is currently in development and we are actively working to get this feature implemented into eDocs. Yes No Your subscription must be activated.

Finding your Citrix® License Server version – Citrix® XenApp® Expert Cookbook [Book]

Help to pick the Innovation Award for Partners winner. Your subscription must be activated. Citrix Tech Bytes Dec The new branding incorporates two meaningful categorization groups, Workspace and Networkingand Citrix has assigned its products to these categories. Citrix XenServer is a hypervisor platform, based on the Xen Project, that enables the creation and management of virtualized server cotrix.


eDocs, admin guides, and PDFs

Citrix will process your data according to our Privacy Policy. You shall now call it Citrix Endpoint Management.

Only time will tell. Networking Uncategorized Oct 4. Citrix bought NetScaler in and aligned most of its networking portfolio under that brand by Ex: Today, they decided to rename the product to Citrix Content Collaboration.

Citrix quietly changes all its product names! Goodbye NetScaler, Xen, Receiver, ShareFile and more

You might be interested in. Uncategorized Nov 13, No hard feeling here, we hope that the customers will react positively and embrace this initiative. Ultimately this is a good decision. CitrixLife Citrix Summit Dec It would not be the first time: Speaking of XenMobile, this little guy also got a new name.

December 31,4: When customers succeed, Citrix wins.

Citrix AppLayering –

Well, the change is official, so even if it is questionable, it is pretty much a done deal at least for now. Get the most out of Citrix Cloud deployments. While a rebrand can certainly be considered innovative from a marketing standpoint, Citrix decided to this initiative at Synergywhere the focus is supposed to be on technical innovation.


Please keep an eye on citrid blog and on the eDocs Twitter feed CitrixeDocs for more information and announcements. Officially, the goal is to simplify the portfolio, but the real target is to become more attractive to new customersespecially as Citrix is struggling to compete with VMware. Many customers already have a difficult relationship with the Citrix brand, as it is often associated with XenApp, the product that currently can have a negative connotation whether it is for valid reasons or not.