Check out what Christeen Skinner will be attending at UAC The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe: An Introduction to the Role of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in Financial Markets Mar 01, by Christeen H. Exploring the Financial Universe: The Role of the Sun and Planets in the World of Finance. Oct 1, by Christeen H. Skinner.

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With retrograde Mars conjunct the Aquarius South Node are we head How does what we’ve been talking about so far differ from business astrology? It wasn’t until the kids were at school that I could do a bit more fhristeen. Talking about astrocartography and local space – would you also get involved in advising someone where to locate a new factory or shop?

So one afternoon, I wrote down what I considered to be qualities of myself, my husband, and Claire. Take it with you. This is going to trigger a lot of questions; you have to ask me what I mean by the company’s formation. Has it ever gone disastrously wrong for you? I’d thank you for making contact. High to Low Avg. Occasionally, but more often I visit their offices. That will help me, looking at your natal chart, to understand what mood you were in when it all happened. The second thing, where I would like astrologers to tighten up their acts, is with aspects.

Often, the client will then take you where they want to go – they’ll maybe ask, ‘why are my planets all over there?


What was your route into astrology to begin with, and then into business astrology? A company I was working for recently had gone from being a quiet company to being floated on the stock exchange. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android?

For my introduction to astrology – well, this is my earliest recollection.

Christeen Skinner | Astro Analyst

Let me take a real live instance. I don’t want somebody to say, ‘I’ve got a square’ – which square? Low to High Price: This article slinner recorded by Garry Phillipson in as part of his research for the book Astrology in the Year Zero More details of the book sknner Garry’s work, including other interviews are available on his website.

Only 2 left in stock more on the way. How would you feel about writing a Sun-sign column? So I left the college after about two and a half years. What do you think the image of astrology is, in the business community? Do you think it’s possible?

That is the type of client that you want! I don’t think there’s any security firm in the country that can do what we xhristeen, at the speed we can do it. Their work is sent by fax and email. When you visit businessmen in their offices, do the other people you might encounter – the receptionist, their colleagues – know that you are there on astrological business?

Looking at Claire, and Michael, I came up with a lot of qualities which belong to Libra – which there shouldn’t be, going by their natal charts. Could you pick out one feature from your chart which is important for your involvement with astrology? And Sskinner am not registered. How important do you think draconic astrology is?


Christeen Skinner – UAC

Those are two distinct things; you have a business astrologer or a financial one, and, in this country, I don’t think you can actually call yourself a financial astrologer. If it’s a busy firm, often christern receptionist only has time to get your name, they aren’t interested in what you are there for; but in other places, yes, they have known all about it – which has skinnef me.

AND global economies moving forward, and how these upcoming energies are likely to play out What kinds wkinner things would you get involved in for the client? Think of them all as tunes; there ought to be some chord structure that is similar with all of them, and that is for me to find out.

You mentioned that astrologers come out quite well in the financial prediction stakes – are there any comparative studies?

Christeen Skinner

It’s as if it was just a language that was already there, lying dormant. I would then write to you – this is a security test chrisheen me, because then I know that your address is genuine.

It’s tremendously difficult – to be given sixty words, and have to say something helpful to twelve groups of people every day. If say a Mercury-Uranus square is waxing, you need to know that; it would be quite different if it was waning.