Bursting with drama, heartbreak and horror, this extraordinary family portrait mirrors China’s century of turbulence. Chang’s grandmother, Yu-fang, had her feet. Jung Chang, the bestselling author of Wild Swans tells Sabine Durrant why Wild Swans, in which years of Chinese history is told through the eyes of three The Empress Dowager Cixi with her daughters, circa Few books have ever had such an impact as Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China. Since its first publication it has been published in 37 languages and sold.

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But would Professor Fung have lied to me? It is a place that is under my skin. This is my interpretation of her, my take on the facts. I have always liked history, but my biggest fascination lies and has lain for years in the history, culture, mythology and politics of Japan and China.

It brought alive the terror of that particular episode of Chinese history better than any other book I’d read, and it shocked me to my core. Landowners were brutally murdered, land-grabbing became the order of the day. She is 61 now. Jan thfee, Margitte rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really appreciated this as Chang has obviously taken the time to research many things and has managed to keep a distance between her own experiences daughtegs historical facts.

Although Jung Chang’s family are fairly privileged thre of the time, they still experience great hardships: Wild Swans by Jung Chang. View all 7 comments. The details should be read. When I cook I constantly think of my grandmother, who taught my sister and me.

You can buy banned books in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


The good thing is Jung Chang and her husband Jon Halliday wrote a biography about him: Why does she characterize the nation as having “slid into doublespeak”? The Empress Dowager was the same. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. No fanciful prose here. Wild Swans is a memoir that traces the transformations of twentieth century Chinese history through the lives of three generations of Chinese women.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. The necklaces burning tires around ‘an enemy of the revolution’s neckwas rampantly used to kill very often innocent people. Along the road, she provides fascinating insights into Mao Zedong’s selfishness and megalomania, and into the hypocrisy and incongruity of the movements he set in motion, which brutalised human relationships like nothing else ever has.

I have gained a lot of respect for Jung Chang and her family reading this, as well as for all the brave and loyal people involved with them. Published August 12th by Touchstone first published As for the romanisation, I wish the publisher had hired an editor skilled in Pinyin, as Chang’s spelling of Chinese names is all over the place something non-sinologists won’t notice, but which is an eyesore to me.

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Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China – Jung Chang 張戎/张戎

Every word of this work is a memorial to those lives narrowed, broken and wasted by a political agenda that deemed them cheap enough to sacrifice. However, it was beautifully written. With his last words, the General unexpectedly proclaimed her free at age twenty-four.

But I guess that is always the case. At the same time, she had the chance to reminisce about the good memories which shaped her up as a strong and intelligent woman.


Jung Chang interview: why I’m still banned in China – Telegraph

I was almost c Thick. View all 15 comments. As a biography, Wild Swans is a good book. The author, who was born and who grew up in China, learned the rudiments of the English language when she was already a young adult. Listen to this Podcast with the author about this book.

Those who look for unique daguhters styles, or breathtaking passages, memorable quotes, wordplays, or interesting new words will not find anything here. She tells the story of her mother, revolutionary, committed communist, wife of a passionate political leader, whose support for the regime finally collapsed in the face of inexpressibly extreme onslaughts of violent purges, violations of basic rights and erasure of all culture and knowledge except ‘Mao theory’. Because most readers appear to have enjoyed Chang’s maudlin style more than I did, I urge everyone to read this book which has so much to tell us.

‘This book will shake the world’

I ask which of her parents she thinks she resembles more her father died, chsng broken by life in a labour camp, in The writing is first-rate, and I appreciate the epilogue and the introduction to the edition which I recommend reading AFTER you’ve read the book which chronicle some of the author’s difficulties in initally facing her past in China. I think it would have given me a more acurate lense through which to see people and places.

That Chang found herself able to bear witness is a gift.