Chandipura virus (CHPV), initially thought to be an orphan virus, was later reported to cause sporadic cases of fever with arthralgia, Reye’s syndrome, and. Chandipura virus (CHPV; genus Vesiculovirus, family Rhabdoviridae) is an emerging tropical pathogen with a case fatality rate of 55 to 75% that predominantly. Chandipura virus: A virus that causes fever, symptoms similar to those of flu, and acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). Chandipura virus was first.

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Reactive oxygen species in cancer.

Advances in Virology

However, more comprehensive studies are needed to confirm the precise mechanism. Abstract The chandipur N protein of Chandipura virus CHPV plays a crucial role in viral life cycle, besides being an important structural component of the virion through proper organization of its interactions with other viral proteins. Chandipura virus perturbs cholesterol homeostasis leading to neuronal apoptosis.

The high prevalence of specific antibodies and viral RNA in the population of India combine to obscure any potential role of this virus in paediatric illnesses, and the matter remains chancipura. Footnotes Conflicts of Interest: Elucidation of functional domains of Chandipura virus nucleocapsid protein involved in oligomerization and RNA binding: Balakrishnan A, Mishra AC.

Extensive attenuation of rabies virus by simultaneously modifying the dynein light chain binding site in the P protein and replacing Arg in the G protein. This mechanism could have helped the virus to remain dormant for prolonged periods and initiate outbreaks when sandfly population increased under favourable conditions. Recombinant glycoprotein based vaccine for Chandipura virus infection. J Virol 74 — A highly sensitive diagnostic RT-PCR targeting N gene bp with a detection limit of plaque forming units pfu has been developed and is being used for routine diagnosis of human and sandfly samples 10 The newly synthesized viral RNA is enwrapped by the N protein along with L and P and gets assembled at the inner plasma membrane near the M protein.


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Griffin DE, Metcalf T. The disease was predominant in the lower income strata of the population and the affected age group ranged from 2.

Seroprevalence studies carried out in retrospective samples collected since from different parts of the country demonstrated prevalence of neutralizing N antibodies in humans Table I.

Is Chandipura virus an emerging human pathogen?

Retrospective studies with human serum samples collected from to from different parts of the country showed prevalence of N-antibodies in humans and domestic animals across the country except in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh Tachycardia, another typical clinical chandilura of CHPV was also present among the patients. Between andtested positive, and 11 died in Significant contributions have been made in the development of diagnostics and prophylactics, vaccines and antivirals.

Free Radic Biol Med ; Rabies virus and vesicular stomatitis virus, which are related closely to CHPV, enter the CNS retrogradely from peripheral or olfactory neurons. Henipavirus encephalitis HeV NiV.

J Med Entomol 38 — Hallmarks of Viral Infection. Chajdipura can infect many other mammalian species. J Vector Borne Dis ; J Med Entomol ; Am J Trop Med Hyg 50 — Infectious diseases — viral systemic diseases A80—B34— Hanus C, Ehlers MD.

Chandipura virus induces neuronal death through Fas-mediated extrinsic apoptotic pathway. Open in a separate window. Vesiculovirus in Phlebotomus papatasi. The application of cell culture systems has also been successfully employed to detect and isolate the virus as Chandippura produced characteristic CPE in vertebrate cell lines 411 virua, Potential channdipura CHPV to cause mortality in humans was detected when the virus was held solely responsible for the death of an 11 yr old child in Raipur district, Madhya Pradesh now in Chhattisgarh State.


CHPV is transmitted by Phlebotomine sandflies as evidenced by repeated isolations and their ability to transmit the virus by transovarial and venereal routes 2324 Bunyavirales Viral hemorrhagic fevers: Venkateshwarlu and Arankalle 39 reported the efficiency of a recombinant vaccine using the complete G gene of CHPV isolated from a patient during the outbreak in AP.

Axonal transport and sorting of herpes simplex virus components in a mature mouse visual system. Changing clinical manifestations in CHPV disease RNA viruses are known for mutation as it provides evolutionary advantages over their host organisms in survival.

Spraying of insecticides could bring down the population drastically. Channdipura What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. Development of an inactivated candidate vaccine against Chandipura virus Rhabdoviridae: Earlier mapping studies of CHPV N protein involved the generation of N protein fragments by enzymatic digestion using chymotrypsin [ 1213 ].


Is Chandipura virus an emerging human pathogen?

CHPV P protein was divided into four segments: The dots represent the endemic regions in India affected by Chandipura virus. Venereal transmission of Chandipura virus by Phlebotomus papatasi Scopoli. The recombinants were confirmed by restriction enzyme digestion.