Understanding Phenomenology has 32 ratings and 4 reviews. Yzobelle said: Fantastic series! Cerbone was able to explain profound philosophy using simple.. . Cambridge Core – Philosophy: General Interest – Understanding Phenomenology – by David R. Cerbone. David R. Cerbone, Understanding Phenomenology, Acumen, , pp., $ (pbk), ISBN Reviewed by Dermot Moran.

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Surely an anger experience can be later reflected on and seen to have had a certain character that it did not present at the time, or it may now be seen through a certain feeling of regret while in its earlier manifestation it adumbrated itself very differently. Merleau-Ponty is characterised as a phenomenologist of embodiment and of embodied perception, making use of pathological malfunctions to shed light on the hidden workings of ‘normal’ conscious experience.

It always struck me that emotions and other ‘immanent’ conscious experiences, Erlebnisse can present themselves in profiles, despite Husserl’s denial. This book appears in a series — Understanding Movements in Modern Thought — that aims to provide, primarily for undergraduates, accessible and concise introductions to central philosophical themes.


Highly recommended for analytics getting into continental work for the first time, as well as philosophers of mind interested in seeing to what extent undrestanding might be able to serve as a foil to contemporary debates in the analytic world. He then takes the reader through the work of the four main phenomenologists: Nick Nurre rated it really liked it Sep 20, I think the matter is far more complicated, however.

Husserl begins in Ideas I and thereafter from the experience of life lived in the natural attitude. John rated it really liked it Aug 20, But one should not always accept that because history is written by the victors that that version is a true account. Carlos rated it liked it Aug 09, In the final chapter, however, he tries phenomenoloogy address their defects in a discussion of the ‘problems and prospects’ verbone phenomenology.


But, as is the case cerbome Heidegger, there phenomenolovy always far more going on in Husserl. Husserl, Heidegger, and the Transcendental Dimension of Phenomenology. The title of the book is so apt because at the end of it you can really say that you have understood phenomenology. The book also assesses critical responses to phenomenology by philosophers ranging from Derrida to Dennett as well as the continued significance of phenomenology for philosophy today.

Understanding Phenomenology by David R. Cerbone

At least Husserl was deeply aware of the problem of how a self or ego can carry out a self-meditation on its own condition; he speaks of the ‘splitting’ or ‘doubling’ of the ego. Bergen rated it really liked it Mar phenojenology, Was lucky enough to have this guy as one of my phil.

Heidegger, for all his methodological fussiness, seems oblivious to the need to clarify his own mode of approach to the phenomenoloty of everyday Dasein. For reasons of full disclosure, I should mention that Cerbone refers briefly to my own Introduction to Phenomenology in the Further Reading section.

The chapters on individual philosophers begin with short biographical sketches, and there is a short annotated guide to ‘further reading’ at the end of the book. Search within my subject: In other words, Cerbone is deliberately abstaining from a more critical evaluation of these thinkers. Levinas in Phenomenological Context. An Essay in the Philosophy of Edmund Husserl.

Politics Urban Studies U. Tony rated it really liked it Jun 19, Overall, however, I enjoyed reading Cerbone’s book and would certainly recommend it to my students as a jargon-free and generally reliable account of the central figures in phenomenology. O’Connor – – International Philosophical Quarterly 47 4: Cerbone’s chapter on Merleau-Ponty opens by recognising that Sartre’s account of embodiment is far more nuanced than many give him credit for.


Dermot Moran – – Routledge.

A lot of phenomenology is really focused on the manner in which objectivity is constituted for subjectivity rather than simply an account of the subjective understaneing of experience.

History Law Linguistics Literature. International Journal for Philosophy 12 2: Thanks for telling us about the problem. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In the case of Sartre, Cerbone does raise the important question of how a phenomenology of reflection is supposed to return to lived experience, but surely, as we have seen, this is equally problematic for Heidegger?

I phenomenollgy overjoyed to say that this is quite far from the case.

Understanding Phenomenology

Macann – – Routledge. Cerbone’s reading of Heidegger understandkng him as rejecting Husserl’s subjectivism, overcoming the mind-body dualism. Overall, I think this approach has been very positive in showing how phenomenology has something very distinctive to offer in terms of contemporary accounts of consciousness in action, but it remains something of a simplification of Husserl’s own extremely wide-ranging and extraordinary deep reflections on subjectivity and intersubjectivity in the horizon of a world.