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Boletim do Museu Goeldi, vol.

Maya-K’ice elements in a series of Karib-Aruak Arawak languages, embracing the archaic forms in all known Maya-K’ice tongues. Notebook titled Medidas Pesos Moneda with inserts. Includes correspondence between Schuller and other members of the Museum of the Native American regarding the collection. Lehmann, Walter Revista Americana. Extracted from the 18th International Congress of Americanists. On the value of the Spanish money coins and weight of the earlier part of the 16th century.

Is, to see, sight, eagle, bird, and so forth.

Auctions in Zurich – Schuler Auktionen Z├╝rich

Notes on entirely unknown Indian languages of Ecuador, S. He served on the faculty of the National University in Mexico City. E, te, ek,ok, ce-ke, et, tet, it, cen-ken, gen, stone, tooth, earth, hard, bone, cave.


Folders with reprints of Schuller’s scientific papers and others, partially annotated by Schuller. Cztalogo to Stoll’s Aguacateca glossary. Presuming original order of the material has been maintained this would appear to be a naming and ordering system that only Schuller understood. Along with our featured products, we catalofo also be presenting our new collections of lighting and the catalogue.

Appear to be by Schuller for his own books. Thunder, lightning, rain, storm, and related ideas. From Navarrete “Coleccion de Documentos”.

Notes mostly geographicalor place-names of Indian origin. Schuller, from “Relaciones Geograficas. At which upcoming trade shows can you see our products? Franklin Currier of Harvard College Library. Divided into unlabeled sections with no apparent or decipherable order. Maya-K’ice studies, mostly a linguistic comparison of Maya-K’ice forms with the respect.

Revue Internationale d ‘Ethnologie et de Linguistique, vol. Extract from a very short Trique glossary, with place names in Mexican and in Trique native tongue scnuller Oaxaca. Ke, to, ye-he, ki, ti, yi. Original preserved at the National Library, Rio de Janeiro.


Drawings for proposed book plate.

Guide to the Rodolfo R. Schuller Papers,ca.

Schuller, Rudolph American Anthropologist, vol. Uh-ux-uk, to drink, smoke, breatje, to kiss and so on. Maps are folded and are large. Schuller in which were to be published to show the geographical distribution of the different Indian languages of Honduras. Notes on Uspanteca Pokonchi dialect of Guatemala.

Rodolfo R. Schuller Papers,ca. 1925-1932.

A note from Schuller says that this is a comparative dictionary of Maya Quiche and Carib-Aruak containing 40, words of all known dialects. List of folio contents of ms J.

Ub-up-pup-uba, hollow, round, blowing. Includes comparative vocabularies, grammar information, phonetic transcriptions, and glossaries of Mayan and Cholti languages.

The papers are held in their Latin American Library.