CamBam – Tutorial: D Profile. This example is based on the efforts of my friend Terry (aka MrBean). Thanks Terry for the source files as well as CamBam beta. CamBam – Tutorial: Text Engraving. This tutorial describes inserting text into CamBam and genertating an engraving operation from it. The main place for CamBam video tutorials is here: CamBam CNC Software – Video Tutorials There are also a number of user created videos.

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I’m not convinced this is correct yet, but it is on the list of things to ‘look at’.

Rotate Angle in degrees to rotate the text about the alignment point Location. First, make sure it is 3D you need. Set the target depth and other properties to match the first profileoperation. Originally Posted by 10bulls. When prompted for format, select Autocad 2D. This behaviour will be made more flexible in the next releases. Me write a user’s manual Multiple lines of text can be entered by clicking the elipses [ Also search for the word: The text properties are: Bold Cambxm Font Style.

Deselect any unneeded geometry like the inner and outer circles. I tend to tutorrial Metric and CamBam was designed with Metric in mind, but it does support imperial units. Height This is the text height in drawing units. Not exactly high art, but the letters are quite small cammbam and plywood isn’t the best precision engraving material but at least CamBam and my machine are playing together nicely!


CamBam – Tutorial : 2.5D Profile

One that I am aware of is Camworks. I would suggest downloading the. Font This is the font yutorial to use for the text. What my post was about was giving readers here some experiences I had with CAMBAM in hopes it would be supportive so they did not give up hope.

Top, Center or Bottom relative to Location. You should now see the toolpaths around the geometry. A bit more detail, and I offer the following not knowing what you know how to do, so I start with basics until I know different.

Text The text to enter.

Select the root of the file tree on the left where it says 12t-htd. A long-term Cam Bam user has just finished and uploaded an indexed version of the new CamBam Help File that was released a few weeks ago. The people that contribute and experiment are very diligent and congenial and share quite freely with their time and expertise. I am also a visual learner, and I learn by doing, not reading. Someone gave me some gorgeous pieces of oak from cutoffs and I was reading a book on Medieval church architecture and got enamored with flying buttresses and so design ca,bam stunning jewelry box with flying buttresses [cut using CAMBAM really wild and gothic looking!!


CamBam – Tutorial : Text Engraving

I’m looking to do 3D as well. The default is 1. Thanks Terry for the source files as well as CamBam beta testing. And yes it is tedious, and yes there is much not immediately obvious. Originally Posted by zool. I have been through the manual several times and just can’t get it. A setting of 2 would double the space used tutofial each character but not the character itself.

CamBam CNC Software – Video Tutorials

This is the font name to use for the text. This option scales the width used for each character.

I have had some issues with this and at the moment, I have used height as relative to the height of a font capital ascent?? This can be downloaded as a PDF. Text Engraving This tutorial describes inserting text into CamBam and genertating an engraving operation from it.