The famous Pythagorean Theorem was not really discovered by Greek Mathematician Pythagoras but Indian Mathematician Baudhayana, Mathematician. Indian mathematician, also a priest, believed to have flourished c. BCE. Believed to have been a skilled craftsman, thus to. The mathematics given in the Sulbasutra-s enables It is clear from the writing that Baudhayana.

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In fact, the only relation that the historians have been able to trace it to is with Euclid, who again came many centuries after Pythagoras! So the next big question, why the hell is the theorem attributed to Pythagoras and not Baudhayana? You have years to explore facts. Click here to post a comment.

He was skilled in the practical use of the mathematics and construction of sacrificial altars of the highest quality. Here is the exact shloka followed by English interpretation:.

Baudhayana also provides a non-axiomatic demonstration using a rope measure of the reduced form of the Pythagorean theorem for an isosceles right triangle: Shantanu Shirpure May 23, I am not tied with anything except facts claims and articles which I believe to be true. How disheartening it is to know that many of the advanced knowledge in science and mathematics and astronomy and medicine that we know today are said to be the discoveries of Europeans while the truth is that long before the west even came out of Stone Age, ancient Indian sages and scholars had not only discovered them but also put them to regular use!


Baudhayana sutras

Another problem tackled by Baudhayana is that of finding a circle whose area is the same as that of a square the reverse of squaring the circle. Vedas are not the ultimate source of information. Please do not understand me as cristisising your post. The case of Baudhayana is one of the many examples where Greeks and other western civilizations took credit of the discoveries originally made by ancient Indians.

Lokesh Kumar November 3, We provide you with the latest breaking news and views. Babylonian mathematics Chinese mathematics Greek mathematics Islamic mathematics Baufhayana mathematics. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Our traditional practices are also being patented.

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Baudhayana: The Original Mathematician Behind Pythagoras Theorem

We Indians do have a tendancy to try to associate everything with Vedas or try to show as if everything has happened initially only in India and the people of other civilization were fools! Jaynarayan November 4, It was the ideology of many sages over a long course of time.

As you know, pi is useful in calculating the area and circumference of a circle. Here mathemativian some facts which I came to know, that are masked mathmatician the world history.

If this refers to a rectangle, it is the earliest recorded statement of the Pythagorean theorem. However it may be worth researching in history about the secret Mathematical? I am really sorry for my comment is not scientific according to the west.

It is high time that the world looks at India with respect for producing the most advanced knowledge it science, philosophy, astronomy and medicine when the rest of the world was doomed in the darkness of ignorance. Its very good that you are creating awareness on Vedic science. Ancient Mathematjcian have indeed made quite a lot of amazing discoveries, but instead of blaming others for denying the credit to our people, it is our own mistakes that we allowed others to take the credit of the discoveries made by our people.


Book three refers to holy householders, forest hermit and penances. It is also a matter of grief for india that only a small chunk of our ancient knowledge is with us mathematixian.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. This would also partially explain why Greeks were so bwudhayana in crediting Pythagoras with this theorem!

Area of a circle Circumference Use in other formulae. Let me make a few references: The oldest civilization was the saraswati valley civilization after the saraswati river disappeared it still baudhajana under ground due to some natural calamity like earthquake, the residents those traveled west were called asuras while those to east were suras, asuras later corrupted to Ahoras, who are considered the people in zorastrian or sumerian civilization.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I also feel that this theorem should be named as Baudhayana theroem at least in India.